348cm when running jump… Abando, aiming for ‘180cm tall block shot king’

‘The 180cm tall block shot king.’

This is a record that has never been released during the 26 seasons from 1997 when Korean professional basketball was launched to last season. In the domestic league, the block shot title was almost exclusively reserved for players from North and Central America and Europe who were over 200 cm tall. 메이저놀이터

It is only twice that a domestic player has topped the block shot. Kim Joo-seong, acting DB manager, is the title holder for the 2003-2004 season and the 2007-2008 season. Acting Kim is 205 cm tall. Among the all-time block shot kings, there are only three players who are less than 200 cm tall, but two are 196 cm and one is 199 cm.

KGC Ginseng Corporation’s Filipino guard Lens Abando (25) challenges the unprecedented 180cm block shot king. Abando, who is 188 cm tall, is ranked first in this category with an average of 1.087 blocked shots per game as of the 30th, having completed about two-thirds of the entire regular league schedule this season. It is slightly ahead of Jamil Warney (SK, average 1.086) in second place at the third decimal place. The center’s height is 199.8 cm. Among the top 10 block shots this season, Abando is the only one in the 180cm range. Considering that Abando’s average playing time per game (18 minutes and 36 seconds) is less than half of the total 40 minutes, his block shot record stands out even more. Warney’s average playing time is 31 minutes and 44 seconds.

Abando is a sergeant who jumps in place and has a height of 1m. When he stretches out and raises his right hand while doing a run-and-run jump, his fingertips reach a height of 348 cm. He has a higher RBI than most domestic players who are over 200 cm tall. The height from the floor of the court to the rim of the basketball hoop is 305 cm.

The reason why Abando is able to kick off the shots of opponent centers taller than him by 15cm is because he has this kind of ‘rubber ball elasticity’. The six blocked shots Abando left in the match against DB on November 18 last year is the most in a single game this season. With this momentum, Abando became the king of dunks in the All-Star Game Dunk Contest held on the 15th, beating both centers and forwards taller than 200cm.

A guard position player who is relatively short on the court must have not only jumping power but also quick feet to quickly approach the opponent shooter and a sense of timing the shot accurately in order to make a lot of block shots like Abando.

Kim Sang-sik, director of KGC Ginseng Corporation, evaluated that Abando has all three of these things. Coach Kim said, “Not all players with good jumping ability are good at block shots.” It is to be able to make a block shot.”

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