‘6G draw’ coach Lee Ki-hyung says, “I wanted a win, but it’s a shame… We’ll play attacking football and get points”

After failing to win again, coach Lee Ki-hyung expressed his disappointment and vowed to turn things around.

Seongnam FC drew 0-0 with Gimpo FC in the 20th round of the Hana OneQ K League 2 2023 at Tancheon Sports Complex at 6.30pm on the 9th. With the result, Seongnam is winless in six matches. Gimpo is also winless in six games. 안전놀이터

Seongnam dominated possession, but didn’t have many attacking chances. There was also the added complication of losing Lee Jong-ho to injury early in the first half. They brought on Jin Sung-wook in the second half to increase their attacking numbers. However, they couldn’t finish. The same happened when they added Denilson and Lee Ji-hoon. In fact, it gave Gimpo a chance to threaten. They held on, but couldn’t score, and the game ended 0-0.

In the post-match press conference, coach Lee Ki-hyung said, “In the first half, we held our line and pressed forward. We had a lot of possession. In the second half, we showed some stamina problems. The players who came on as substitutes didn’t do their job. We had problems in both attack and defence, which is why we didn’t have good shots at the end. It’s important to get a quick win and start chasing, so we tried to play a challenging game, but we didn’t do enough. We’ll try to keep playing attacking football and get the points.”

The winless streak is getting longer. Coach Lee Ki-hyung said, “We are trying to make sure the players don’t lose confidence during the losing streak. I’m trying to set the tone with the senior players. We paid a lot of attention in today’s game. The players did their job well. I’m worried about the atmosphere in the squad, but we’re trying to turn it around.”

When asked about Lee Jong-ho’s injury status, he said, “He has a hamstring injury. It is known to be elevated. We’ll know the exact status when we get him examined.”

A clean sheet in two consecutive matches is a positive factor. “When we were preparing for today’s game, we were determined to get three points. Unfortunately, we didn’t win, but we got a point and it’s encouraging that we’re not letting up.”

In addition to their goal-scoring prowess, the lack of continuity in the midfield has been a source of frustration. “We tried to play three midfielders and let the game unfold, and it worked well. The connection between Park Tae-joon and Kwon Soon-hyung in the midfield was fine. We were disappointed with the timing of the players on the flanks and the connection and transition, so we will work on those areas to play a better game.”

On Lee Sang-min, who plays both defence and midfield, he said, “There are many things that I personally have. His defence is great, and his passing is great. I think he will play an important role in the national team if he can improve on that.”

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