‘Ahn Ahn-woo as game-winning hero’ Yonsei, with 7 players, beats Kyung Hee University for first win

Yonsei defeats Kyung Hee University.

Yonsei University won 62-51 against Kyung Hee University in the Group B preliminary round of the 39th MBC Varsity National College Basketball Residency Tournament at the new Sangju Indoor Gymnasium on Wednesday.

Yonsei, which was missing a number of key players including Yoo Yoo-sang, Lee Kyu-tae, Kim Bo-bae, Lee Ju-young, and Lee Chae-hyung due to injuries, played the game with seven players, including Choi Hyung-chan, who had played well in the last game of the regular season. However, freshman center Kang Ji-hoon filled his brothers’ shoes with 15 points, while Ahn Sung-woo (11 points) hit two game-winning three-pointers.

For Kyung Hee University, Lee Seung-goo (13 points) came up big in the fourth quarter and Kim Seo-won (11 points) also had a good showing, but it wasn’t enough to prevent the loss.

Kyung Hee University took control of the game at the beginning with Hwang Young-chan’s active play, but Yonsei responded with Lee Hae-sol’s outside shooting. In a back-and-forth game where both teams exchanged leads, Yonsei gained the upper hand through Kang Ji-hoon. With Kang scoring under the basket, in the midrange, and on the perimeter, Yonsei ended the first quarter with a 16-12 lead. 먹튀검증

After falling behind, Kyung Hee University bounced back early in the second quarter with an end-to-end play by Hwang Young-chan and a three-pointer by Kim Seo-won. Without easy scoring, Yonsei changed the mood with Lee Hae-sol’s outside shooting. Kim Dowan also contributed to the effort, and Yonsei regained the lead. Lee Min-seo scored back-to-back baskets to end the second quarter at 32-26.

Entering the third quarter, Yonsei showed its stingy defense, holding its opponent to three points for over eight minutes. A three-pointer by Ahn Sung-woo extended the lead to 13 points. Kyung Hee University, which was suffering from a serious scoring drought, got some breathing room from the outside shooting of Woo Sang-hyun and Kim Seo-won. The third quarter ended with Yonsei leading 39-32.

However, at the beginning of the fourth quarter, the game changed again. After a series of successful defensive possessions, Kyung Hee University pulled to within one with five straight points from Lee Seung-goo. However, Kyung Hee University failed to score on the ensuing offense, and Yonsei answered with a mid-range jumper from Kim Do Wan.

Yonsei then took advantage of their height to take the lead, although they had the misfortune of having a shot go through the rim after hitting Kang Ji-hoon’s hand on defense. Kang Ji-hoon and Hong Sang-min took turns scoring from the twin towers. However, Kyung Hee University did not back down as the rising Lee Seung-goo activated the outside shooting again.

Showing their fighting spirit, Kyung Hee University came back to within one point through a fastball by Hwang Young-chan. The shaky Yonsei got a breather when Ahn Sung-woo hit a celestial three-pointer. Ahn caught fire and hit another three-pointer from a similar position, followed by a steal to seal the win.

It wasn’t enough for Kyung Hee University to tie the game in the remaining time. An Sung-woo stepped up as the clutch fixer, creating an end-one play to drive a wedge into the game.

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