‘Angry’ FC Anyang owner Choi Max-ho says Anyang mayor “stole two goals”

“As the owner of FC Anyang, I strongly protest the unfair refereeing decisions of the Korea Football Association and the Korea Professional Football League,” Anyang Mayor Choi said on his social media account on Monday.

“As the owner of FC Anyang, I cannot stand idly by and watch the sacrifices of our players who put in tireless training and energy to earn a point despite the sweltering weather. I demanded a responsible answer from the KFA for the controversial officiating against Busan on the 24th, but I received a reply that there was no problem with the unfair decision of the referee, which was very unfavorable to FC Anyang,” Mayor Choi said.

“After the game, there are also growing complaints and resentment that the referee’s decision was incomprehensible to football fans who watched the video analysis of the game. Same game, same referee, but different standards, and Anyang was robbed of two goals,” he said.

Mayor Choi said, “It’s a moment when the blood and sweat of the players poured into every game is wasted by the referee’s coming. If there is no official apology from the Korean Football Association and the referee committee, which are in a hurry to cover their own families, I will use strong means and methods. I hope that football fans will watch the video and make their own judgment.”꽁머니지급

Mayor Choi posted two related videos on Facebook.

Mayor Choi posted the video on Facebook and wrote in the comments, “Even as an amateur, I can see that it is a clear misjudgment that I can’t understand at all, but on what basis are the experts judging the penalty, so that they can continue to make a living or look good?

Is it the power of power or the domination of unknown power? Please be fair and fair as much as possible in sports…!!!.”, “Sports require fair play and sportsmanship, but the first video is a header contest with a continuous motion, and the second video is also defended with a normal play action, but I think that the referee is not qualified as a partisan referee for the Busan team and should be disciplined”.

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