“Anytime, anywhere OK” Chansung Jung accepts the request for a Holloway match… Will it happen within the year?

Can “Korean Zombie” Chan-seong Jeong (36) and featherweight champion Max Holloway (31∙USA) meet in the Octagon within this year?

After the UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs. Allen’ event on the 16th (Korean time), Holloway, who is ranked second in the UFC featherweight rankings, made headlines by mentioning Jung Chan-sung.

Holloway, who defeated Arnold Allen (England) by unanimous decision, was asked at a press conference after the match about Chan-Sung Jeong, “Chan-Sung Chung is the only contemporary player I have not fought. I don’t know exactly when, but I knew that the tournament would be held in Australia this year. There is. Chansung Jung can fight there if he wants.” 메이저놀이터

He added, “I grew up watching Jeong Chan-sung’s fights. I don’t know how I didn’t fight him. He’s one of the players I really want to fight.” When Holloway’s remarks became an issue in Korea, Jung Chan-sung also responded.

He said on his YouTube channel, “Is there anyone who doesn’t respect Holloway at featherweight? A lot of fans say they’re worried about me, but I’m not really afraid. Even if I lose, I don’t think I’ll regret it.” “Halloway, if you want to fight me, do it anytime, anywhere,” he accepted the challenge.

Holloway, who still has the skills close to that of a champion, and Jung Chan-sung, who has created several great fights in the UFC, are both fighters called ‘box-office cards’. However, there is a difference in rankings, and Jung Chan-sung is the recent ‘champion’

However, following Holloway’s remarks, Jung Chan-sung also responded positively to the confrontation, raising the possibility of a confrontation between the two. Attention is also focused on the decision of the UFC, which has a match selection.

There are just variables. The featherweight title fight is scheduled for July. Current champion Alexander Volkanovski (Australia) and ranking No. 1 Yair Rodriguez (Mexico) will have a title match, and according to this match, Holloway’s next schedule can be determined.

Despite losing to Volkanovski three times, Holloway’s goal is still to regain the featherweight title. The title match takes precedence over Chansung Jung’s match. “I know there’s a (title) fight in July, and I’m going to watch it,” he said in a recent interview. “I’ll talk to the manager, Hunter Campbell (vice president) and president Dana White and see what happens.”

According to a person familiar with the UFC, “Halloway has no opponent to fight at featherweight right now (other than the champion). If Rodriguez defeats Volkanovski in a title fight in July, the UFC will give Holloway a title shot straight away.” It’s very likely,” he said.

“Even if Volkanovski wins, if he challenges again at lightweight, there is a high chance that Holloway will take part in the interim title fight. Chansung Jung has a chance of getting a title shot no matter who wins the title fight. We have to wait and see if that happens,” he said.

“I’m on my way to a title shot again,” Holloway said. “If I have to beat a few more guys first to do that, then I’m willing to fight and win.” Chan-sung Jeong could be included in the ‘few players’ he mentioned. First of all, the possibility of a match between the two seems to be outlined only after the featherweight title fight in July.

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