‘Autumn Baseball’ Probability KIA 72.8% – SSG 69.6% – Dusan 59.9%… Kang Seung-ho is the 1st ‘Reverse Cycle’

Kang Seung-ho (29, Doosan) became the 30th “cycling hit” in baseball. Sixth-place Doosan trails fifth-place KIA by 0.001 games.

Kang Seung-ho hit a home run in the third inning, a triple in the fifth inning, a double in the sixth inning, and a single on a pitcher’s interference in the top of the ninth inning to complete the cycling hit in Doosan’s 8-6 upset win over KIA in Gwangju on May 15.

In the United States, a cycling hit in the order of home run → triple → double → single is called a “reverse cycle”.

This is the first time Kang Seung-ho has completed a reverse cycle in the Korean Baseball Organization.

In Major League Baseball (MLB), 10 out of 344 cycling hits in the U.S. and 2 out of 76 in Japan have been reverse cycling hits.

The sequence of upside-down singles → doubles → triples → home runs is called the “naturail cycle”.

In the Korean Baseball Organization, Kim Eung-guk (57, Lotte) hit a naturail cycle on April 14, 1996, against Hanwha in Anbang.

The natural cycle has occurred 15 times in MLB and five times in Japan.

With Kang Seung-ho’s hit, Doosan (6) overtook Samsung (5) as the team with the most natural cycle hits.

Previously, Lim Hyung-seok (55), Lee Jong-wook (43), Oh Jae-won (38), Park Gun-woo (33), and Jeong Jin-ho (35) have hit cycling hits for Doosan (OB).

The win improves Doosan’s record to 62 wins, 1 draw and 57 losses (0.521 win percentage), giving them a +5 win/loss margin.

Doosan is now in sixth place, trailing only KIA, which has 60 wins, 2 draws, and 55 losses (0.522 win percentage).

Depending on the outcome of their remaining games, Doosan could also overtake SSG (62 wins, 2 draws, 56 losses – 0.525 winning percentage) for fourth place. 소닉카지노

According to psodds.com, a site that uses Monte Carlo simulations to predict season performance, Doosan has a 59.9 percent chance of making it to “fall ball” as of today.

This is lower than KIA (72.8%) or SSG (69.6%), but compared to seventh-place Lotte (1.9%), Doosan is definitely in the mix.

Baseball’s top-ranked LG defeated visiting Hanwha 4-3 in Daejeon with a 7th inning rainout.

Third-place NC beat Samsung 8-1 at home in Changwon.

The gap between LG and second-place KT, which did not play today, widened to 5.5 games, while the gap between KT and NC shrank to 0.5 games.

In the resignation game between Lotte and Kiwoom, a late push-off gave Lotte a 5-4 win.

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