Before and After Payton Trade Deadlock

The ‘defending champion’ Golden State Warriors expressed strong dissatisfaction with the recent trade.

According to reporter Shams Charania of 『The Athletic』, on the 11th (Korean time), Golden State may not be involved in the trade of Gary Payton (guard, 191cm, 88kg).

Trade Promotion Process

Golden State sent James Wiseman to Detroit through trades with the Detroit Pistons and Atlanta Hawks ahead of the trade deadline. Instead of sending Wiseman, he received Kevin Knox from Detroit and five second-round picks from Atlanta.

Golden State then agreed to receive Peyton instead of sending the Knox and the nomination rights secured through the first deal to the Portland Trail Blazers. Golden State, which drastically reduced spending through the first trade, significantly strengthened its first-line defense by bringing Peyton. Expected expenses increased after bringing Peyton, but significantly less than when he had Wiseman.

Golden State, however, conducted a medical review after the trade, but found that there was something wrong with Peyton’s body. Alleging that Portland did not properly inform them. Portland claims to have been notified, but Golden State is emphasizing that Peyton entered the game with an ideal. This resulted in the deal stalling. The current situation that has arisen has already passed the deadline. If Golden State decides not to accept Payton, the trade is cancelled. Time has passed and it is impossible to secure other alternatives. As a result, Golden State stood at the crossroads of maintaining power. The Secretariat is also taking a closer look at the matter, and if any fault is found, Portland is expected to face strong disciplinary action.

Golden State is still struggling. He still urges Portland hard, and is furious that they went ahead with the trade without properly informing them about a player with health problems. Still, Golden State will ultimately have to decide whether or not to proceed with the deal. As the trade is not a separate thing, if you cancel it, you will have to get Wiseman again.

However, if they pursue a trade, they can bring Peyton with them for the upcoming 2023-2024 season. This is because the Golden State medical team is diagnosing that Peyton will have difficulty digesting the rest of the schedule this season. It is said that he can make it to the playoffs, but it is difficult to guarantee how normal he will be in the playoffs.

Realistically, it might be better for Golden State to proceed with the trade and manage spending first. This is because holding Wiseman will increase the total annual salary and luxury tax for the upcoming 2023-2024 season. Of course, assuming you have them, you may not exercise your team option after the season, but if you don’t trade, Golden State can’t bring you anything. Remaining Reinforcement Room It may be better for Golden State to pursue a trade and sign another player in the transfer market for the lowest salary. It’s not easy with Peyton right now, but there’s room to find a guard alternative. Russell Westbrook (Utah), Patrick Beverly (Orlando) and Reggie Jackson (Charlotte) are already set to terminate their contracts.

ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnarowski announced that Golden State was interested in signing Beverly. Of course, Golden State would be sorry, but if you take Beverly after the trade, it’s worth a part of the schedule. It’s because if you join another club, you can increase the vitality of the 1-line defense and the team if you add power through Beverly, which can be a burden.

There are currently no professional defenders in Golden State. When winning consecutively, Andre Iguodala defended the opponent’s main scorer. However, the current spending is high, making it difficult to recruit existing players. There was an exception in the offseason, but it was used to bring in Dante DiVincenzo. It is worth considering that there is no opportunity to add a defender. 슬롯사이트

Of course, if Peyton can play all by himself, he can go with his current roster without spending a little extra. However, since the current situation cannot be reversed, it is easier to maintain power by bringing in other players to promote the deal. However, it is questionable how Golden State players will take Beverly. Again, it is also a key that there is no player who can contribute to the defense except for Beverly.

In other words, Golden State has tried to contact Beverly as it is currently known, and it is expected that the deal will proceed if the recruitment doctor is reached to some extent. First of all, it is because the extent to which expenses can be reduced through the disposition of Wiseman is considerable. Even if Wiseman is sent and Peyton is received, the luxury tax could be reduced by $7 million this season, and the luxury tax next season could be reduced by as much as $30 million.

Even if Beverly is brought to the minimum annual salary, one existing player must be sent out, and the total annual salary is slightly increased, so the luxury tax is bound to increase. However, there is no practical way to approach it. Even if the luxury tax for this season is excluded, next season’s luxury tax will be too burdensome. As mentioned earlier, it is because there is nothing that can be embraced unless Wiseman’s team option is exercised.

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