Benfica president furious at Fernandez’s departure to Chelsea: “I don’t cry for a player like that”

Benfica (Portugal) president Rui Costa expressed his discomfort with Enso Fernandez, who moved to Chelsea.

According to local media on the 3rd, Costa did not hide his criticism of Fernandez while explaining the background of Fernandez’s transfer in a media interview that day.

What angered him was the way Fernandez behaved during the transfer process. “Fernandez didn’t want to stay at Benfica. He didn’t give us a chance. I did my best and I’m sad but I won’t cry for the player,” Costa said. That it was really impossible to change the mind of Fernandez, who did not want to stay. 카지노

“On transfer deadline day, we agreed to sell Fernandes to Chelsea in the summer, but he didn’t want to stay,” he said. Fernandes did not give me the possibility to continue playing for Benfica.”

“I offered to stay until the summer, but Fernández didn’t want to continue playing for Benfica and that’s when everything changed. At that point I thought, ‘Fernández can’t play for Benfica anymore. I can’t,'” Costa said. “I don’t cry for players who don’t want to wear our shirts,” he said.

Fernandez was suddenly decided to join Chelsea on the last day of the winter transfer window. At 121 million euros, his ransom is the most expensive in English Premier League history. Although Benfica earned a large transfer fee from their point of view, they had to miss Fernandez, who had only been recruited for six months.

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