Beryl “Beryl” Jong-hee “BRO” Kim “I won the game thanks to a good banpick”

DRX’s Beryl “Beryl” Jeong-hui credits Banpik for their victory over OK Savings Bank Brion.

DRX defeated OK Savings Bank Brion 2-0 on Wednesday in Week 9 of the 2023 LoL Champions Korea (LCK) Summer League at the LCK Arena in Jongno-gu, Seoul. With the win, the team improved to five wins and kept their playoff hopes alive. Currently in sixth place is Liv Sandbox (5 wins, 11 losses, -11).

Speaking to Kookmin Ilbo after the game, an elated KIM said, “I’m happy to improve our chances of making the playoffs with today’s win,” and credited a good banpick as the key to the victory. “It was the first time for both teams to play the 13.14 patch,” he said. “Overall, I felt that our team composition was more comfortable to play. I think we did a good job organizing our tiers.”

Kim was named POG for her active play as Alistar in the second set. “My teammates created a situation where I could move around,” she said, “so it was easy to play thanks to them.” 먹튀검증

Kim said the current meta is similar to what it was in 2020. “It’s a good meta for supporters to roam, similar to 2020,” he said. “The context is different, but the overall feeling is similar. It’s a different context, but the overall feeling is similar.”

He also revealed that he has recently been suffering from otitis media. “I don’t know why it happened,” he said, “but I recently felt a pain in my ear and went to the hospital, where I found out that there was a big wound inside and it was inflamed.” “I don’t wear a headset when practicing, and I’m trying to avoid irritating my ears as much as possible,” he added.

DRX will play its final game of the season on April 6 against the Guangdong Freecs. Both teams are fighting for the final playoff spot. “The banpick was questionable in Guangdong’s game against T1 on the 2nd,” said Kim, “and they have plenty of time to prepare for our game. We will reinforce our banshee,” he said.

“We just need to think about what we’re going to do. Then we will win. We just have to hope that our T1 ‘brothers’ can hold the rib sandbox.” Currently hanging on to sixth place, Reef Sandbox only has a few games left against T1 and KT.

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