Brion’s snowball… HLE lost without much resistance

Brion won easily through Snowball, which was carefully rolled from the beginning. HLE could only defend until right before the end of the game, but it was a game that left a lot of regret as they lost without being able to walk in proper matches such as Dragon Soul and Baron. 바카라

Hanwha Life Insurance set up the bottom with ‘Caitlin-Lux’ this time, but the pressure was not as strong as expected. Brion’s bottom, ‘Barusu-Karma’, showed a good performance, such as successfully exchanging kills without being pushed back in a 2:2 battle. There was an exchange of kills with each other in the upper body, but Brion took care of the dragon first through a little faster and cleaner movement, and the operation was not delayed.

Bai of ‘Umti’ and Akali of ‘Karis’ managed to destroy the 1st tower by catching Silas of ‘Zekka’ from the top with a good link play and pressing the mid. Brion took aim at the opponent’s lack of clear initiation, and gradually drove the opponent into a corner through active control of the field of view. From the standpoint of Hanwha Life Insurance, it was not easy for him to stick his head out, and Brion got his hands on the dragon soul.

Brion, who was rolling a snowball, was slightly sprained in the middle of the game, but through the difference in basic strength, he completely wiped out his opponent in the elder dragon fight and even took the dragon dragon soul. Brion, who even had the Baron buff, destroyed the top and mid suppressors, widening the global gold gap to over 9,000 with the Baron buff.

Hanwha Life Insurance failed to even try to stop the next dragon soul and even gave up Baron. I have to block an attack that is more difficult to block than the previous attack, but it didn’t seem easy. In the end, Brion tried to attack at the timing when the Elder and Baron buffs overlapped, destroying Hanwha Life’s Nexus in 43 minutes and making it 1:1.

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