“Can’t Ahn Hyun-soo?” Why did the short track queen insist on fairness?

Conflict over the selection of coaches for the Seongnam City Hall ice team is growing. Some domestic leaders made statements against the support of the “short track emperor” Victor Ahn (Korean name Ahn Hyeon-soo) and former national team coach Kim Seon-tae, and this time, Seongnam City Hall players voiced their desire for fair selection and competent leaders.

On the morning of the 31st, Seongnam City Hall ice team players, including Korean short track female signboard Choi Min-jeong (25), posted a statement on personal social media (SNS), saying,’Athlete’s position on coach recruitment’. They are short track athletes such as Kim Da-gyeom, Choi Min-jeong, Seo Beom-seok, Lee Jun-seo, Kim Gun-hee, and Kim Gil-li.

These players said, “We believe that the coach selection process should be fair and transparent above all, rather than being selected by external influences.” You must come,” he insisted. The players showed their will by even signing the entrance statement.

It seems that the players have criticized the statements made by some of the coaches recently. When Viktor Ahn and Kim, former coaches, applied for the Seongnam City Hall coach contest, an organization called the Korea Ice Skating Leaders Federation said, “Viktor An received an Olympic gold medal pension in a lump sum before being naturalized from Russia, and former coach Kim falsely reported the damage suffered by Sim Suk-hee as the national team command tower. I was disciplined for the year,” and claimed that he was not qualified as a domestic leader.

As the controversy over the Leaders League statement grew, Seongnam City Hall excluded Victor Ahn and former coach Kim from the final nominations. A city official said, “Through the screening of documents and interviews, various factors such as technology and communication skills were comprehensively judged. This is the intention of the League of Leaders.

But this time, the players stood up. It is possible to interpret the content of the appeal, “We believe that this coach selection process should be done fairly and transparently, and not by outside influence,” as pointing out that the city was swayed by the statement of the Leaders Federation. .

Choi Min-jung also explained the background of posting the statement on social media. Choi Min-jeong said, “I apologize to the fans for posting the statement submitted to the city on social media on January 9, right before the announcement of the appointment of the coach at Seongnam City Hall, and making a statement about what kind of leader the player wants seems very cautious and arrogant, but courageous nonetheless. He emphasized, “Because of the articles and stories surrounding the appointment of the coach, the most important reason for the leader’s existence, the virtues, are in the background, and social issues are the main reason, and the players feel sorry for them.”

​​​Some in the ice skating It is pointed out that there is an intention in the statement of the League of Leaders.

The statement of the League of Leaders was distributed only to some media outlets in the name of Chairman Gwang-deok Jang, but there were no names of other leaders to the extent that the name of the League was colorless. Reporters in charge of a large number of central media outlets belonging to the Ice Reporters Group did not receive this statement. Veteran reporters who have covered the ice for a long time, including the secretary of the press corps, were excluded, but the political purpose is questionable.

After the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, Chairman Jang put his name on the Young Ice Merchant Alliance, which came to the fore to expose the problems of the Korean ice skating world. It was confirmed that Yeo Joon-hyung, representative of the Young Skating Association at the time, also applied for the Seongnam City Hall leadership contest. However, Yeo’s name was not included in the statement from the League of Leaders.

Regarding this, an official familiar with the situation in the ice skating world said, “Isn’t it an intention to slander other competitors and create opposition to eventually win the seat?” ” he pointed out. Then, “CEO Yeo once resigned from coaching because of a drunken commotion at an international competition while coaching the national team,” but the Korea Ice Skating Federation confirmed that this was true. Another official lamented, “The Korean ice rink lacks facilities, so the one who occupies the ice rink can gain power.” 스포츠토토

Seongnam City Hall’s ice team coach said, “The final successful candidates will be announced on the 31st. The ice world’s attention is focused on the decision of Seongnam City Hall as to which leader will take the baton.

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