Casino Table Games Glossary

If you’re new to online casino games and are still learning about the various types of casino games, you’re likely to have come across a few new terms. Knowing the casino jargon when playing casino table games will not only help give you a better understanding of the game, but it’ll also allow you to enjoy live casinos online with other players. Discover the basic casino terms here.

A to Z casino terms

Action – The total sum of money wagered (put into action) by a player throughout their session.

All-in – When a player bets all their chips at once during a game of poker.

Ante – A small bet made by players before a hand of cards is dealt.

Arm – A term used in craps to describe a highly skilled player.

Baccarat – A casino table game played between a player and a banker.

Banker – The dealer in card games, who is responsible for paying out winnings and collecting losing bets.

Bankroll – The amount of money a player is willing to spend during a session, or the total amount they have to gamble during a particular period.

Bet – The amount wagered.

Betting limits – The minimum and maximum amounts of money that a player can wager on one bet.

Blind bet – In poker, a bet posted without the player seeing any of their cards.

Blinds – A forced bet in Hold’em poker.

Bonus – Money that could be given to you for free for various reasons, such as when signing up to an online casino.

Bump – To raise your bet.

Burn card – The card that’s taken off the top of the deck by the dealer before revealing one or more board cards in poker.

Buy in – The amount of money needed to enter a table game or tournament.

Call – To match the current bet during a poker game.

Casino Hold’em poker – A card game based on Texas Hold’em poker, where players bet against the casino rather than other players.

Chase – The attempt to win back money after a losing bet or streak.

Check – An action in poker whereby the player stays in the game without placing a bet on their hand.

Chip – Tokens (usually in the form of round plastic discs) of various denominations used to make bets.

Cold – A player on a losing streak.

Craps – A casino dice game.

Credit – In online casinos, wagers are expressed in credits.

Croupier – The dealer in baccarat and roulette.

Dealer – The casino employee who deals the cards during a card game.

Deposit – A payment made to an casino online to play casino games on their platform.

Double or nothing – An even-money bet that pays off exactly the amount wagered.

Drop – Money collected by the dealer that was lost during a game and now belongs to the casino.

Edge – An advantage over an opponent.

Face cards – The jack, queen and king of any suit of cards.

Face-down – A card dealt face down, without its value exposed.

Face-up – A card dealt face-up, with its value exposed.

Firing – A player wagering large sums.

First base – The position on the far left of the dealer in blackjack.

Flat betting – A way of betting where the same amount is bet on each wager.

Flop – The first three community cards in hold ‘em and Omaha poker, dealt all at once, face-up.

Fold – Forfeiting your hand, a term used predominantly in poker.

George – A player who tips the dealers generously.

Gross winnings – The total payout (including your stake.)

Hand – Refers to the cards that you hold during a game.

High Roller – A player that wagers large bets.

Hit – Drawing an additional card during a game of blackjack.

Hole Card – This refers to the face-down card that the dealer gets in blackjack, and to the face-down cards dealt to each player in stud and Hold‘em poker.

House – A casino or gambling center.

House edge – The mathematical advantage the casino has over players.

House rules – The terms of play imposed by the casino.

Inside bets – A roulette bet placed on a number or series of numbers, rather than betting on the winning color or whether the winning number will be odd or even.

Insurance – A side bet offered when the dealer shows an ace in blackjack.

Jackpot – A large prize pool or individual win.

Ladderman – The casino employee who oversees the baccarat game. During this game, there are two dealers seated together at the center of the table, a caller standing at the table across from the dealers and the ladderman, who supervises the action from a chair above the table.

Low-roller – A player who makes small bets.

Match play – A competition system used in card-based tournaments in which two participants play a series of games that only ends when one player accumulates the required number of points.

Multiplayer casino – A feature offered by online casinos that lets you play against other players.

Natural – The cards in blackjack or baccarat that automatically win.

No-Limit – When a player can bet all their chips at any time, most often seen in poker.

Nuts – The best possible hand in poker, blackjack or baccarat.

Odds – The statistical chance of winning or losing a bet expressed in a fraction or percentage.

Out – A card that will improve a player’s hand.

Overlay – Odds that benefit the player more than they do the house.

Pass – To fold during card games.

Payout – The amount of money paid out to the player when they win.

Playing the rush – A poker term that refers to players who begin playing more loosely or aggressively after a big win in an attempt to continue winning.

Pocket cards – Also known as hole cards, these are the cards dealt face-down in poker.

Poker – A strategy-based card game that offers a wide number of variations such as Texas Hold’em, Seven-card Stud, Omaha, Razz, Lowball and Pineapple.

Pot – The amount of money that accumulates during a poker game as each player antes, bets and raises. The pot goes to the winner of the hand.

Probability – A mathematical calculation that establishes the likelihood that an event will occur.

Quads – Four cards of the same denomination in poker.

Qualifier – The minimum ranking a hand must have to be eligible to take part of the pot during a game of poker.

Rank – The worth of a set of cards in poker.

Roulette – A casino table game that uses a spinning wheel with numbers from one to 36 on which players bet on the potential landing of the ball.

RNG – Refers to a Random Number Generator, a computer-based program used by online casinos to generate a random result.

Royal flush – The five highest cards of the same suit — 10, jack, queen, king and ace; the best possible hand in poker.

Shark – A highly skilled player.

Shuffling – Card mixing techniques used to prepare a deck for play.

Steaming – A term used in blackjack when a player has become frustrated with how badly the events of a session of play have turned out. Similar to going on tilt in poker.

Stud poker – One of the two basic forms of poker game. The other is draw poker.

Suit – Any one of the four types of cards: clubs, diamonds, hearts or spades.

Stand – To draw no further cards.

Straight flush – Five consecutive cards of the same suit in poker.

Tapping out – Losing one’s entire gambling bankroll and having to stop playing.

Tell – Subtle hints a player unknowingly conveys that can be used to determine whether they have a good or bad hand.

Three of a kind – Three cards of the same rank. Also referred to as “trips.”

Tilt – A term used in poker to indicate a state of frustration, usually after a big loss, where a player starts making emotional decisions and adopts a less-than-optimal strategy.

Toke – Short for “token,” a tip given to the dealer in the form of money or chips.

Tournament – A competitive game between a group of players over a period of time.

Underlay – A bad or unfavorable bet.

Vigorish – The casino edge, fee or commission taken by the house.

VIP – A Very Important Person. Usually a high roller.

Wager – Another term for a bet.

Wild card – A joker or another predetermined card that can be used in the place of any other card to complete your hand in card games.

Wild royal flush – A royal flush that makes use of a wild card.

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