China LoL National Team Roster Changes…369-Jackylove OUT, Xun-Elk IN

China’s League of Legends roster for the Hangzhou 2023 Asian Games has been abruptly changed.

The Chinese National Esports Team announced on Wednesday that it is changing the roster of its League of Legends team for the Hangzhou 2023 Asian Games. The team announced that existing top laner ‘369’ and bottom laner ‘JackieLove’ have withdrawn due to health issues, and that jungler ‘Xun’ and bottom laner ‘Elk’ from Biribiri Gaming have joined the team.

This completes the Chinese national team’s roster for the League of Legends competition at the Hangzhou Asian Games 2023,

Top: BLG ‘Bin’
JG: EDG ‘JieJie’, BLG ‘Xun’
Mid: JDG ‘Knight’
Bot: BLG ‘Elk’
Sup: EDG ‘Meiko’

as follows. “Our LoL team won gold at the 2018 Asian Games in Palembang, Jakarta,” said the Chinese National Esports Team. Esports is now an official sport of the Hangzhou Asian Games, and we will be playing on home soil. We look forward to supporting the Chinese National Team 토토 가입머니.”

After leaving the national team, 369 and JackieLove announced on their respective social media accounts that they were leaving the team for health reasons. “Recently, I have been receiving medical treatment for wrist joint discomfort due to high-intensity game training for a long time,” 369 said, while “Jackie Love” said, “Chronic cough and severe insomnia make it difficult for me to participate in the game.

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