‘Closer’ Lee Ju-hyun “Identifying and improving problems after losing to DK”

Reveal Sandbox records its first win of the Summer Season after two games.

Reeb Sandbox defeated Nongshim RedForce 2-0 on Tuesday in Week 1 of the regular season of the 2023 LoL Champions Korea (LCK) Summer League at the LCK Arena in Jongno-gu, Seoul. With this victory, they finished Week 1 with a 1-1 record (+0).

The victory reversed the team’s slump following a 0-2 loss to the DePlus Kia on July 7. “Our first game of the season was very disappointing, so we’re happy to get back on track with a win today,” said Lee Ju-hyun.

“I think the players were more nervous than they needed to be against DPLUS Kia. We didn’t communicate as much as we should have because we were focused on the lineup,” he said, adding, “We quickly identified the problems and improved together as a team, which is why we got a clean win today.”

Lee Joo-hyun was positive about the week, which ended with a 1-1 record. “If we hadn’t realized the team’s problems after losing the first game, we would have lost today as well. However, we immediately concluded internally that we had identified the problem,” he said, adding, “We will be reborn as an awakened Liv Sanbak like in the spring season 메이저사이트.”

Live SanBak will face off against T1 and KT Rolster in Week 2. “I watched their recent matches,” said Lee. They’re really good,” he said, adding, “In the end, they’re the teams we need to beat to get to the ‘LoL World Championship’. We will definitely win.”

The key to the upcoming T1 match is the mid champion banpick strategy. “Sang-hyuk ‘Faker’ (Lee) is really good on Xanthe,” Lee said. “I think the mid pick will be the most important,” said Lee, adding, “Annie is also top-tier.

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