Commissioner Oh Jae-won, member Park Chan-ho, sniping, doubts that cannot be resolved after hearing the explanation

After hearing the explanation, I couldn’t understand more.

It is not clear whether it was wrong to publicly point out the problem or whether there was a problem with the point itself.

This is the story of Oh Jae-won, commentator at SPOTV, who openly shot down KBS guest commentator Park Chan-ho of ‘The Korean Express’.

In an interview published on the YouTube channel of ‘DEN’ on the 10th, Commissioner Oh said of Commissioner Park Chan-ho, “It seems that the whole nation does not know the gratitude of waking up at dawn and cheering him. There are not one or two players who made a fool out of commenting with me once in a while. I don’t think I’ve ever taken responsibility for that.”

However, when fans reacted with strong criticism, he withdrew his position and left a message of reflection within a day.

Commissioner Oh said, “Because at that time he was a hero. The words of such a big star or senior president will usually resonate hundreds or thousands of times more than the words of someone like me (Oh Jae-won), and there will be many people who sympathize with them.” It was an opinion piece. It was a situation where the camera was turned off, so it is regrettable that it could not be captured.”

Commissioner Oh said on his SNS on the 12th, “I think it’s natural to think of those who were whipped for a day and must have been in a bad mood.”

He continued, “I would like to express my condolences once again to those who must have been disappointed and offended by the word ‘national’. I also grew up seeing Park Chan-ho as my idol. His father and grandfather also cheered him on while waking up early in the morning. It is clear that not only the players in the KBO now, but also the parents of those players supported Park Chan-ho. Because he was a hero back then,” he explained.

However, even after hearing Commissioner Oh’s explanation, the conflict was not resolved.

Commissioner Park Chan-ho is not opening his mouth about this, and the reaction of fans who have heard the clarification is not very good.

The biggest problem is why Commissioner Oh suddenly hung up on Commissioner Park.

Looking at his explanation, it is possible to interpret that Commissioner Park took issue with publicly criticizing his juniors. However, Commissioner Park has not directly criticized his juniors.

He never pointed out what was wrong, even though he had criticized the attitude of his juniors in international competitions.

He said it would be nice if he called it separately and pointed it out, but general fans think that he never said anything he couldn’t do in public 메이저놀이터.

The reality is that there are not many fans who share the same thoughts with Committee member Oh Jae-won.

In fact, it is an undeniable fact that recent junior national team players have shown their skills below expectations and have been full of disappointment in their posture in baseball.

It is not easy to understand that such a part is pointed out as a problem.

Commissioner Park Chan-ho has more experience in the major leagues than any other player. It cannot be said that the major leagues are all right, but there are definitely parts that we must acknowledge and accept the power of history that the major leagues have. In order for Korean baseball to develop, baseball players who can speak bitterly like Park Chan-ho are absolutely necessary.

Commissioner Oh may have been offended by criticism of some players, but it is also true that he needed to respect and think about the words of Commissioner Park Chan-ho in a big frame.

Even after Commissioner Oh Jae-won’s clarification, it is difficult to say that the suspicions have been cleared. Criticism without sympathy is only criticism.

Commissioner Oh Jae-won seems to need to reorganize his mindset through this work.

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