Did Djokovic exaggerate his injuries? Why was the suspicion of ‘fake injury’ raised?

Novak Djokovic (5th, Serbia), who is trying to win the Australian Open for the 10th time in his career, was surrounded by suspicion of ‘fake injury’. Djokovic strongly refuted this.

Djokovic, who was unable to step on the Australian Open stage last year due to not being vaccinated against the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19), showed off his strength this year and reached the quarterfinals.

Prior to the tournament, Djokovic injured his hamstring and ended up playing with the injury. Djokovic, who had a bandage on his upper left leg, appeared to be in pain during the game. However, it did not affect Djokovic’s performance, and he is aiming to advance to the semifinals.

Naturally, the story of Djokovic’s ‘injury manager’ came out. He had doubts about putting on a pleasant performance even though he was not in a normal condition. Some say that Djokovic exaggerated the injury and reduced his opponent’s concentration. 메이저놀이터

Djokovic was injured at the Australian Open in 2015 and the Australian Open two years ago, but won victories.

Djokovic expressed his displeasure in a strong tone. “I don’t have to prove my injury to anyone,” he told ESPN. “he said.

He continued, “Two years ago and now, I’ve had MRIs and ultrasounds. Whether I release these materials in a documentary or on social media depends on my mood. I may or may not do it.”

Continuing, Djokovic did not mind the controversy, saying, “At this point, I’m not interested in what people think or say. The narrative surrounding me and other narratives with players who have gone through similar situations are interesting.”

Finally, Djokovic showed a calm attitude, saying, “I’m used to these things. They just give me extra strength and motivation. So I’m grateful for them.”

Victoria Azaranka (24th, Belarus), who advanced to the women’s singles semifinals at this tournament, agreed with Djokovic’s opinion. Azaranka was also embroiled in a ‘fake injury’ controversy at the 2013 Australian Open.

“It was one of the worst things I’ve ever been through in my professional life,” Azaranka said of the allegations made 10 years ago. “People have a huge appetite for stories of villains and heroes. He is a person,” he said with a questioning gaze.

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