Director Heo Young-chul of NS-‘Fiesta’, “We are improving”

On the 22nd, at Jonggak Roll Park, the ‘2023 LoL Champions Korea (LCK)’ Spring Split, the 5th day of the 2nd game, the confrontation between kt Rolster and Nongshim Red Force took place. Nongshim Red Force seemed to make a surprise by taking the first set, but after that, they had to kneel down to kt Rolster, who sharpened the blade.

Head coach Heo Young-chul’s expression as he entered the press room looked much lighter than in the interview conducted after the defeat against Brion. It was because it was a valuable defeat that made me feel that I was growing. Coach Heo said, “After the patch, we are adjusting to a certain extent now. We found out how our team should play the game. So, I think we performed better today. It is the heart,” he said.

When asked how he set the direction for feedback ahead of the kt Rolster game, coach Heo Young-chul said, “Because each team has different strengths, the ban and picks were designed differently from the beginning. And, the problem of players sometimes getting confused was definitely eliminated. Giving up is definitely giving up. “I pursued a clean operation where I was able to take what I could,” he said. 온라인바카라

Coach Huh continued, “It seems that the players are adapting well to the tournament. Even when they lost the second set, they talked about things like ‘It’s a 1:1 scrim’ and ‘There is only one left’ and the atmosphere was well resolved. The nervous look. “I didn’t see much,” he added. “There were some parts where I was still unsatisfied with the movement when I was at a disadvantage. If I fix that, I think the team’s sum will be fine.”

Ahn Hyeon-seo of ‘Fiesta’ also highly valued the meaning of winning the set. ‘Fiesta’ said, “We lost 0:2 in the first game, but I think it is very meaningful that we won a set against a better team today. I feel that we are improving. I think I can show you,” he said confidently.

The difference between Part 1 and Part 2 was the basics. He said, “LCK is a league that thinks a lot compared to CL. CL has a more instinctive feel.” do,” he explained.

When asked how he felt about going head-to-head with ‘Bidi Dee’, who once belonged to Nongshim Red Force as a mid laner in the 1st and 2nd teams, he said, “I was a little nervous at the thought of playing the lineup with ‘Bidi Dee’ today, but after the game started After that, the tension disappeared. I did it with the mindset of persevering, but when I did the first set, I thought it was worth a try because the style was slightly different in the practice game and competition.”

The LCK mid laners that ‘Fiesta’ want to face in the future are Gen.G’s ‘Chovy’ Jung Ji-hoon and T1’s ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok. He said, “‘Faker’ has been consistently good at laning for a long time, and ‘Chovy’ thinks he is the best at laning, so I want to stick with him.”

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