Director Kim Hee-jin’s pity for the tiger “Everyone’s heart is heavy, what to do with the knee… ”

IBK Industrial Bank, led by coach Kim Ho-cheol, will play against Korea Expressway Corporation in the 4th round of the Dodram 2022-23 V-League Women’s Division at the Hwaseong Sports Complex Indoor Gymnasium on the 17th.

IBK Industrial Bank has been sluggish recently. They are in 6th place in the league with 22 points (7 wins and 14 losses), and are on a four-game losing streak. The last victory was against Pepper Savings Bank on December 28 last year. In other words, there is no victory in 2023.

Coach Ho-cheol Kim, whom we met before the game, said, “The players are in poor condition. Even if (Shin) Yeon-kyung is missing, I have to do well in the rest, but I still think that it is not enough.”

Coach Kim continued, “Last season, Santana and (Pyo) Seung-ju had a high share, but the success rate was also good. Now the problem came as the success rate dropped. I have to turn to (Kim) Hee-jin, but I’m not in a physical condition that needs to be resolved. When I asked to use the middle, it didn’t work out because Yeongyeong was missing.”

Kim Hee-jin, who had suffered from a knee recently, fired a signal of a rebound by scoring 16 points against GS Caltex on the 13th. If Kim Hee-jin, who has to do it in the attack, explodes on this day as well, winning is not impossible. However, the current condition is not 100%. Whether or not to participate in the start on this day is also determined by looking at the warm-up status before the game.

Director Kim Ho-cheol said, “16 points are not important. It matters what situation you do it in. When you have to give up points, you have to give them up. For Heejin, the amount of practice is not important, it is the condition of the body. He himself is very frustrated,” he said.

He added, “I don’t know today. You have to loosen up. The fans, I, and the club are worried about what to do with Heejin’s knee. If he decides he can’t take it any further, he should consult with the club and find another way. Everyone’s heart is heavy,” he added.

In the road construction, there is Catherine Bell (registered name Catbell), not Katarina Jovic (registered name Katarina). As soon as she comes to Catbell with a powerful attack regardless of front and back, she leads the road construction’s winning streak. 메이저놀이터

Director Kim Ho-cheol said, “I don’t know what position Catbell will enter. Still, it’s better to split the attack a lot, and go a lot towards the cat bell rather than splitting into both sides. Wouldn’t it be okay if we focused on that side and blocked it well?”

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