‘Disappointed 5,800 million spectators’ Heungkuk Life Insurance also missed the scapegoat, leading the way

Concerns became reality. Heungkuk Life Insurance, which aimed to take the lead, collapsed in the momentum of IBK Industrial Bank.

Heungkuk Life Insurance held a home game against IBK Industrial Bank in the 5th round of the 2022-2023 Dodram V League Women’s Division held at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on the 11th, with a set score of 1 to 3 (12-25, 19-25, 26-24, 20-25) lost to

A golden opportunity to rise to the top was missed. The day before, a surprise event occurred in which Hyundai Engineering & Construction, which ranked first, lost to Pepper Savings Bank, which ranked lowest, after a full set match. However, Heungkuk Life Insurance also failed to make a change in the rankings by missing the victory that day.

Heungkuk Life Insurance’s acting coach Kim Dae-gyeong showed caution before the game, saying, “I didn’t think Hyundai E&C would lose to Pepper Savings Bank. We also have to prepare for an emergency.” However, Industrial Bank of Korea also directed an incident that gave Heungkuk Life Insurance a bitter taste that day.

Industrial Bank of Korea erected a high blocking wall that day to completely block Heungkuk Life Insurance’s attack. He succeeded in blocking as many as 15 times and boasted an overwhelming height. Choi Jeong-min successfully blocked 4 blocks, the most of both teams, and Santana and Kim Su-ji also contributed with 3 blocks each. On the other hand, Heungkuk Life Insurance had only 4 blocking successes. 카지노

He dominated the game as well as the height. It was ahead in both attack scoring (78 points – 60 points) and success rate (38.46% – 33.53%), and also recorded fewer errors (17 – 21). Santana scored 22 points, the most of both teams, and Pyo Seung-joo (19 points) and Kim Hee-jin (11 points) also played an active part.

Industrial Bank of Korea broke the chain of two consecutive losses with the victory that day. They won 3 points and accumulated 11 wins, 17 losses and 34 points (6th place).

Heungkuk Life Insurance, who took the loss, recorded 20 wins, 7 losses and 60 points, and was still in second place. The gap with first place Hyundai E&C (61 points) was maintained.

Heungkuk Life suffered a shocking defeat from the first set. The attack was blocked by IBK’s blocking every time, showing a helpless appearance. While IBK succeeded in blocking as many as 7 times, Heungkuk Life Insurance scored 9 points and the success rate was only 25.71%.

A similar pattern occurred in the subsequent set. Heungkuk Life Insurance still struggled with blocking and destroyed itself by pouring out 8 crime rooms, 5 more than IBK (3).

Heungkuk Life Insurance belatedly counterattacked in the 3rd set. With the start of the set, Kim Yeon-kyung succeeded in scoring three times in a row, and then took a huge lead 14 to 7, sparking the pursuit.

At this time, IBK faced off by winning 5 points, and narrowed the gap by accumulating points one by one. Within 24 to 24, the match was returned to the starting point, but Heungkuk Life Insurance was allowed to pursue due to a series of mistakes in deuce.

However, IBK showed concentration and ended the match in the 4th set. In a 12-9 lead situation, they took the atmosphere by winning 4 points. Later, in the 24-20, Pyo Seung-joo’s open success decorated the victory.

On this day, Samsan World Gymnasium was filled with 5,800 spectators. I visited the stadium with high expectations to see Heungkuk Life Insurance’s leap forward, but I couldn’t help but feel disappointed at the unexpected and lethargic defeat.

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