‘ERA 0.47’ ML 21 wins right-hander’s KBO rating… Better than Luchinsky? Sweeper is ‘Spice’

“It feels rougher than Luchinski.”

NC broke up with Drew Luczynski (Oakland Athletics), who had been in charge of the ace for a long time, and welcomed Eric Peddie as the new ace. A month has passed since the opening of the season, but Luchinski’s re-entry into the major leagues is a sign that it will be a blessing for NC. Pedi, who played as the 5th starter for the Washington Nationals in 2021-2022, is not unusual. It is poised to dominate the KBO League with an overwhelming pace at the beginning of the season. There are opinions that it is better than Luchinsky.

Peddie is 0.47 with an average ERA of 4 wins and 1 loss in 6 games this season. He does not throw four-seamer, but uses two-seam as a base, which is taken from the late 140km to the early 150km. Here, he uses a changeup, slider, cutter, curve, and even a sweeper he learned ahead of this season. He has good command of each pitch and good game management skills. Durability was a weakness in the past, but at this point, there is no problem with health at all.

Coach Kang In-kwon brought up the story of Pedi and Luchinski when the Changwon KIA game on the 6th was canceled due to rain. “Peddy feels rougher than Luchinski,” he said. If Luchinski is cautious and prudent, Pedy is aggressive and wild. It means a difference in style, not superiority or inferiority.

Peddy’s strong offensive tendencies basically come from good command and command of various pitches. In particular, coach Kang said of Pedy’s sweeper, which is a hot topic this season, “Hitters can’t adapt. It is difficult to adapt to the trajectory of the sweeper and the two-seam, which move low and move.”

Moving fastballs, such as two-seam and cutter, are pitches that move a lot on the home plate. On the other hand, the sweeper is a pitch that moves left and right. In other words, Pedy can shake batters by using both left and right, up and down. Here, the circle changeup goes into the body of the right-handed hitter.

Director Kang said, “The circle changeup that goes into the body of the right-handed batter is powerful. There is also a curve, so it is difficult to cope with the sweeper.” In addition, Director Kang explained that there is nothing to blame for the work method that respects the KBO League. In summary, Peddy is a sweeper, but it is not because of the sweeper that he boasts this much power. Sweeper is always a seasoning for Peddy.

However, Peddy said that he hadn’t mastered the sweeper for a long time, so it wasn’t finished. Peddie, whom I met in Changwon on the 6th, said, “It was difficult in the case of the last LG match. The completion rate is about 80%. If you throw it two or three times, it’s not always good.” With further polishing, there is room for improvement in perfection. It is powerful enough right now, but it means that it can throw more powerful pitches in the future.

He also brought up an interesting story. It is said that the KBO League official ball is easier to use as a sweeper than the Major League official ball. It has to be. The KBO League official ball (manufactured by Skyline) has thicker seams than the Major League official ball (manufactured by Rawlings), so it is good to use a breaking ball. This is because you can catch the ball strongly by using stitches and seams.

Peddy said, “The ball in the KBO league is thicker and more sticky than the ball in the major leagues. At first, I practiced the sweeper with a major league ball, but at Tucson spring camp, I practiced with a KBO league ball. Certainly, KBO league balls are good for sweepers. I hope the major leagues will also use the ball from the KBO League 카지노사이트.”

This means that Peddie’s great success this season has some influence on the KBO league’s official ball. However, it is an incidental dimension. NC’s eye was correct, and Peddie is trying to conquer the KBO league. Nine clubs will analyze Peddy, but the general opinion is that it will not be easy to respond.

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