‘Even if I touch it…’ resignation of the president of the association due to vitriol toward the legend

▲ President of the Legrae Association, who has been criticized for remarks about Zinedine Zidane, the best legend in French football
▲ Eventually resigned
as the president of the French Football Association due to continuous criticism ▲ The players are also scolded for gossip about Zidane

[Goal.com] Reporter Park Moon-soo = President of the French Football Association Noel Legra Eg resigns.

The French Football Association announced on the 11th (local time) that Le Grae will step down as president of the French Football Association. For now, vice-president Philippe Diallo will serve as interim chairman.

The reason why Le Grae suddenly stepped down from his position as president of the association was because of Zinedine Zidane. To be precise, he threw a rude remark at Zidane who was still. After re-signing with Didier Deschamps, Le Grae said, “If Zidane called me, I wouldn’t have picked up. I don’t care.”

touched the wrong It wasn’t even that Zidane was the first to criticize the French Football Association. Zidane was really still. The controversy continues to remain silent.

Regardless of Zidane’s intentions, President Le Grae said he would not have given Zidane the helm of the national team even if he wanted to.

If he had only congratulated Deschamps for renewing his contract, he would not have caused controversy. However, even if he touched it, he touched Zidane. Upon hearing the news, French ace Mbafe also expressed displeasure.

Zidane is also a symbol of French football. Now, France is a world football powerhouse. There had been players like Fontaine, Copa and Platini before, but after Zidane’s generation, France was able to firmly establish itself as a powerhouse.

At the 1998 World Cup in France, his country won its first World Cup title. In particular, in the final, Zidane scored multiple goals with only a header, sinking Brazil, who was the strongest at the time.

That’s not all. At the 2006 World Cup in Germany, which came back after his retirement, Zidane showed the ‘old man’s class’. Even just before the tournament, France’s power was unstable. He also performed poorly in the regional qualifiers.

The savior that appeared at that time was Zidane. With the return of Zidane, France is united again. Of course, he faltered in the group stage of the tournament, but Zidane led France to the final with a ‘hard carry’ from the tournament. Even with the headbutt sent off in the final, France’s runner-up itself at the time would have been impossible without Zidane. That’s how Zidane’s influence was significant.

In addition to his achievements as a player, Zidane is also an icon to French immigrants. Zidane, an Algerian immigrant, is considered an icon of unity as the ace of the French national team.

Although it is not the French national team, after taking the helm of Real Madrid, he achieved three consecutive UEFA Champions League titles from his first season as manager to the final 2017/18 season of his first season at Real Madrid. Having achieved so much as a player and manager, Zidane’s next target was likely to be the French national team.

His choice in France was to renew his contract with Deschamps. At the moment when he was about to voice regret over the failure to appoint Zidane, Chairman Le Grae’s remarks made Zidane, who had been quiet, able to confirm his influence once again.


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