‘Fall baseball possible’ Toronto‥’I believe in Ryu Hyun-jin tomorrow’

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Ryu Hyun-jin’s Toronto has jumped into the third wild card spot.

At this rate, fall baseball is a possibility.

Ryu Hyun-jin takes the mound tomorrow, and the stakes are higher.

Lee Myung-no is the reporter.

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Toronto’s fall baseball hopes are growing.

With an eight-inning, one-run shutout by starter Bassitt and a six-run seventh inning in Oakland today, Toronto extended its winning streak to three games.

They also moved into the third wild-card spot, which is good for a postseason berth.

They’re back in fall baseball range in a whopping 19 days.

That makes Ryu’s role as tomorrow’s starter all the more important.

Four days since his last start against Colorado.

Excluding his return from injury, Toronto’s win percentage on Ryu’s start date is 100%.

He’s gone five innings in every game except for the one where he was hit by a pitch.

A solid 3-1 record with a 2.48 ERA. 온라인바카라

Despite averaging the slowest fastball velocity since coming to the U.S., he’s still proving that velocity isn’t everything with a combination of a top-notch changeup and a new-weapon curveball.

[John Schneider/Toronto manager].
“His ability to read what hitters are trying to do and adjust his velocity is better than any pitcher in the league. I thought he was great again.”

Toronto has 23 games left in the regular season.

With a half-game lead in the wild-card race, all eyes will be on Ryu to see what he can do.

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