FanDuel and Gaming Society team up in writing

FanDuel and Gaming Society have announced a new partnership that will see FanDuel sponsor Gaming Society’s NFL newsletter.

The publication is aimed at ‘responsibly onboarding women to the betting category’ as a priority – and is led by the organisations’ respective CEOs, Amy Howe (FanDuel) and Jaymee Messler (Gaming Society).

The newsletter is distributed every Thursday and concentrates on the NFL on and off the field, as well as featuring an educational vertical called The Betting Academy – which will offer tips and explanations of the industry to betting customers. v

Messler commented on the new partnership, saying: “At Gaming Society, we are continuing to expand content and engagement features for sports fans, and we are thrilled to partner with FanDuel with a shared goal of making sports betting more inclusive and welcoming to all sports fans and women fans in particular.

“Through our partnership, we will be able to reach and responsibly onboard new waves of fans to the betting industry.”

Meanwhile, Howe added: “FanDuel has driven great awareness among female sports fans – leading into this season, we found that nearly two-thirds of female NFL fans in live sportsbook states were aware of FanDuel.

“We are excited to be the first sports betting operator to partner with Gaming Society. FanDuel knows that women are sports fans, and we want to tap into already established communities that are seeking out sports betting content in environments that speak directly to them.”

FanDuel also recently announced it had gone live on day one of online sports betting in Kansas, following its legalisation in the state.

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