Features and Rules of Baccarat How to Play the Game

The name Baccarat is gradually becoming known in Japan, but from a global perspective, Baccarat is so popular that it is called the “King of Casinos”.

It is especially popular in Macau and other Asian countries, and it is so popular that 70% of the land casinos (real stores) have baccarat tables. It is a game that anyone can easily start and enjoy together.

It is particularly popular among live casinos, and quite a few players are crazy about it on weekends.

For those who don’t know how to play, it is completely Japanese among the many live casino game providers, and the game screen is clear and easy to see. We will introduce it according to the actual play image of “SA Gaming”. It is also famous for having many beautiful dealers.

If you want to know more about SA Gaming, please see ” SA Gaming ” here.

How to play baccarat
I will explain the flow of the game of baccarat.

Predict which of the banker players will win or draw first, and place the chips on that spot.

The dealer deals two cards to each player. If the total number is “5” or less, a third card may be added according to the rules.

The one who turns over 2 or 3 cards and gets closer to “9” wins.

If your prediction is correct, you can receive a dividend.

The actual game flow is as follows.

SA Gaming’s live baccarat display screen is very clean and easy to see.

Of course it’s in Japanese.

Features of Baccarat
The rules of baccarat are very simple, it is a game to predict whether the banker or the player is closer to “9”.

Once you understand this, you can start right away.

In addition, baccarat can be played by a wide variety of players, from casually starting at $1 per match to high roller players starting at $10,000 per match.

In addition, in baccarat, you can perform a “squeeze” effect called ownership (the person who bets the highest amount on the table has the right), and you can make the place exciting by teasing it. .

Some people bet too much to be chosen for ownership because they want this squeeze.

Even online casinos have a “squeeze” effect, so everyone can enjoy it while feeling tense.

baccarat rules
The rules of baccarat are very simple.

As I mentioned earlier, Baccarat is a game where you bet on which of the cards dealt to [Banker (B)] and [Player (P)] is closer to “9”.

It is popular all over the world because it is simple and easy to start.

Card numbers are counted as “1 for A” and “0 for 10, J, Q, and K”, leaving 2 to 9 as they are.

At the beginning, two cards are dealt to each player, but if the sum of the last digits is “5” or less, another card is drawn. It’s a game where you predict who will win, so it depends on luck.

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