First win since Faker’s departure T1 “We stick together and try to win”

T1 turns things around after two straight losses following Faker’s departure.

On Thursday, T1 defeated Nongshim Red Force 2-0 in Game 1 of Week 6, Day 3 of the 2023 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer at Roll Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul.

Below is a post-match interview with the team.

How did the win feel?

Coach Lim Jae-hyun: We were in a bad mood coming into the game with two losses, but we’re happy to get a win and a point against Nongshim. We played well.

Owner: We were on a losing streak, but we’re glad to end it with this win. We had a good process against Nongshim and won, so I’m confident that we can prepare well for DK.

What do you think is the cause of your losing streak?

Owner: There are a lot of reasons, but Sang-hyuk’s brother’s problems and the coach’s departure have made it difficult for the players, but we’re trying to overcome them, so I don’t think you need to worry.

You managed to get your first win with the team.

Coach Lim: It doesn’t mean anything, but as a team, we’re thinking about breaking the losing streak, getting into a good mood, and playing well against DK.

What was lacking in today’s game?

Coach Lim: There were some things that we did in a hurry when we were in an advantageous situation, and that’s disappointing. But I think it’s important to let the players play with less pressure.

OWNER: It was unfortunate that we were rushed in the first set and lost our way in the situation of eating and running the baron.

How do you keep yourself together in tough situations?

Ohner: We’ve been playing together for a while now, and we all know it’s not going to be easy. When things don’t work out, we just talk about it like it’s a shock to the whole team and try to work through it. Even if someone is having a hard time, the team tries to catch them and take care of them. It’s a difficult situation, but it’s getting better and better, and I think we can pick up the momentum if we have the will.

What did T1 talk about after their two losses?

Coach Lim: We talked about the lack of side communication between Zeus and Pobi after Faker went down, and how we didn’t do a lot of basic things as a team. We talked about how we were trying to be too aggressive when we should have been playing comfortably.

How do you and Phoebe work together?

Owner: Phobi was born in 2006, so she’s young. But she’s not afraid to stand up to her older brothers and say what she needs to say. I thought she might panic when she was called up, but she adjusted well and came to practice first to watch the game. I’m looking forward to seeing him more and more. He’s a hard worker, so we’re motivated and working hard.

I think Poby will play against DK as well.

Coach Lim: DK is playing well, so I don’t think it’s an opponent we can prepare for comfortably. We want to win so that we can stay alert and continue our good momentum.

Owner: DK is a strong team, so I think it could be difficult. However, I think we can take what we gained from today’s game and the confidence we gained to DK, and we will win.

Do you think Faker will need more time to recover?

Coach Lim: I said two weeks, but I think we need to talk more about it now. If he feels better, he’ll play, but his wrist is a priority. We’ll have to see if he’ll play next week. I can’t talk about it right now.

DK substituted a supporter in the last game 메이저사이트추천.

Coach Lim Jae-hyun: I think our lineup is not as good as Kellin’s, but I saw in the game against Bible that the team has become more decisive. We need to get the bottom line a little stronger and prepare for the game.

You’ve had some coaching staff changes in recent seasons.

Owner: I think it depends on the players. But the players haven’t changed, so they’ve stayed together and are trying to get through it. The team is trying to take care of it as well, so I think we’ll be fine as long as we do our job.

End of the interview

Coach Lim: We didn’t play well last week, but when I watched today’s game, I saw the team coming together. I think you can expect us to be positive, and please support us to win the DK game.

Owner: I’m sure our fans were disappointed to see us lose two consecutive games in a row. But with today’s win, we’ve regained our confidence, and while we can’t accomplish much because we’re just getting our feet wet with Pobi, I think there’s no team we can’t beat if we prepare well. I hope you’ll believe in us and support us.

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