Free agent pitcher Jang Si-hwan, who disappeared for more than two months…has no place in the first team, manager Choi Won-ho says “Jang Ji-soo Park is the first call-up”

It’s been a while since we’ve seen him down in the Futures (second team), and it’s been a long time coming. Jang Si-hwan, who started the season as a closer, was dropped from the first team after appearing in three games in April. On April 7, he gave up two runs in ⅓ innings against the SSG Landers and his roster spot was removed.

메이저사이트 The team has failed to utilize the veteran pitcher, who signed a three-year, 930 million won free agent contract. Currently, Park Sang-won is guarding the back door as the closer.

It’s unlikely we’ll see Jang Si-hwan in the first team anytime soon.

For now, the first-team bullpen is stabilizing. Since Choi Won-ho took the helm on May 12, the roles of the relievers have become clearer. It’s not an iron wall, but it’s solid. There’s no need to make too many changes when the flow is good.

It’s not like Jang Si-hwan is pitching a dominant game in the Futures League.

The change came after Choi moved from the second team to the first team. He doesn’t unilaterally order certain players from the first team to the second team.

“Every day, we get player evaluations from the second team. The players recommended by the second team coaching staff are prioritized for the first team.” This means that he respects the opinions of the second team coaching staff, who know the player best at this point in time.

“We haven’t received any reports that Jang is better than other players yet,” Choi said. There is no reason to call up a player who is not in good shape.”

메이저사이트추천 If the first-team bullpen needs to be reinforced, there are two players who are the first choice. Jang Ji-soo and Park Jun-young.

Choi said, “Jang Ji-soo and Park Jun-young are at the top of the list for the second team. We have received reports that they are in the best pitching condition. If there is a need for a replacement in the first team, they will be the first priority to be called up.”

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