From the end of Hyowol to patch 6.2, the story of Korean services told by Team Leader Choi Jeong-hae of FAPAN 14

It has been 9 months since another Final Fantasy 14 expansion pack ‘The End of Hyowol’ was updated in Korea. The Korean version of Final Fantasy 14 users are having a busy day today, visiting Eorzea to enjoy various types of fierce battle content or procuring production item materials in preparation for an upcoming major update. Considering the fact that it was before major updates were made to the monthly subscription game, it can be seen that the number of Korean server users has greatly expanded overall.

Fans’ love for Final Fantasy 14 didn’t stop in the realm of online. At the end of last year, ‘Tataru’s Great Café’ was so popular that reservations were closed early every day, and many people applied for the 41st Letter Live, which was conducted offline in 3 years and 3 months. ‘The Flower of Elpis’, which started pre-order at the end of last year, was so well received that the sale ended in 3 days.

Choi Jung-hae, the Korean version operating producer whom I met for an interview, had a bright expression on his face, probably because he was able to directly confirm the fans’ passion for the game through episode 41 of Letter Live. Producer Choi Jeong-hae said, “The future goal is to operate the game so that you can see and enjoy the game itself,” and talked about the upcoming patch 6.2, server equipment replacement, and future plans. We listened to the story of producer Choi Jeong-hae, who loves Final Fantasy 14 more than anyone else, so he will do his best to manage the game.

It’s been a while since I did an interview

It’s been a year since I did a media interview. This is an interview after greeting the 41st episode of Letter Live in January, and the last interview was around early February of last year. I think 1 year is very fast.

Episode 41 of Letter Live was conducted offline. How did you feel when you met the adventurers on site?

Last year’s fan festival was going to be held on the scale of 41 Letter Lives, but due to the spread of Omicron at that time, users were not able to attend and it was only held online, which was regretful. I took 150 users and proceeded offline, and it was very good.

Although we broadcast several times over the past 3 years and 3 months, we were able to check the reactions and reactions of users outside the live chat window. If you’ve seen the 41st episode of Letter Live, you know, but it seems to have given the users a much more natural feel of real-time communication. Our staff must be having a hard time right now because I screamed a lot more than I originally intended to reveal (laughs). Anyway, the corona situation is similar to the present or will continue to improve, so I would like to communicate with many people by conducting an event like this offline in the future.

The number of users using Final Fantasy 14 is increasing, and the popularity of the game itself is also good. What do you think is the reason why the number of game users is steadily increasing despite various issues? Also, what are you preparing for in the future to maintain this rising trend and atmosphere?

First of all, I can say that Final Fantasy 14 is one of the most loved MMORPGs in the world. It is a game that is constantly updated and developed with really good game quality, and I think the biggest reason is the adventurers who constantly play this good game. Also, out of all the games serviced in Korea, I think it is the most friendly game for ‘sprouts’ (the name for new gamers in Final Fantasy 14), and I see that as one of the big factors.

There are a lot of new people who joined our Final Fantasy 14 during the last corona period, and there were quite a few people who started playing the game for the first time as they joined. It started because it was a job, but it seems that you have grown well with the help of many people in the actual game. Now, I think that all the staff have become hot-blooded warriors of light and enjoy the game enthusiastically. Our goal in the future is to continue to enjoy great games with really good game characteristics in Korean, not in a foreign language, so that you can see and enjoy the games themselves.

What would have been the best or hardest thing while running the game after the end of Hyowol update?

The best moment was episode 41 of the recent Letter Live. Of course, the fan festival held in February of last year was good, but since it was held online without on-site spectators, I had to watch the camera and broadcast. I didn’t know how much people liked it, so I talked about it very plainly. Later in the chat, I saw that the messages were just going up and I found out that the reaction was good, but it’s definitely better to react on the spot. If I do a broadcast like that in the future, I think I will definitely have to continue offline. This year, I’m probably going to do a letter live introducing 6.3 and a commemorative broadcast for the 8th anniversary. At that time, I think we will be able to bring them to the site two more times, and besides that, I think there will be at least one or two things that we can enjoy offline. I will try to meet many users, so I hope you will respond.

Many users are thinking about returning to this patch 6.2, including the uninhabited island content update. What events are being prepared for the release of the update?

Let’s start with an introduction to the patch 6.2 combat content, and then talk about it. Through this update, various challenging new content will appear, such as the new raid, Hall of Demons Pandaemonium: Purgatory, and subjugation of the demonic Sephiroth. The most notable thing in this patch is the development of uninhabited islands. Unlike housing, colonization of uninhabited islands is a content that develops uninhabited islands into your own castle, and the big difference is that anyone can freely use them regardless of their existing job. Housing can be used only when there is land, but anyone can do this. On an uninhabited island, you can engage in various activities such as gathering, farming, producing special products, building special buildings, and breeding. You can invite your friends to the uninhabited island, so please show a lot of interest.

In particular, we know that many users are interested in pioneering this uninhabited island. As new types of content are introduced, it seems that there are many users who are thinking about returning as well as the increase in new users. We are preparing an event for new users in time for the patch 6.2 update. We are preparing for returning users to receive good rewards, and we are preparing to strengthen the benefits more than before, so if you are considering returning, I hope you take this opportunity to play 6.2. I can’t tell you the exact content of the event right now, but I think I can say that it’s not inferior to any major event that has been held in the past.

Personally, what content do you want users to enjoy in patch 6.2?

Personally, I am a gamer who likes hard raids, so I would like to tell you that you should definitely try the Purgatory chapter’s heroic difficulty. It was recently revealed on Letter Live, but the number of people who enjoy heroic difficulty raids has increased dramatically. There is an aspect that the number of Korean users has increased overall, but as time goes by, there are more and more people who are new to the heroic difficulty level. However, the difficulty level of Purgatory Heroes is not easy. I think it’s a difficult raid, but I think it would be nice to try it slowly because it can give you a new experience. I don’t need to mention the uninhabited island content.

There are 12 patterns in the variant dungeon, a 4-player dungeon that will be updated in 6.25. Each of the 12 patterns has a different hidden story. The hidden stories are touching and touching, so I hope you enjoy the story as well.

Unlike global servers, which restricted new account registration due to server overload, it was easy to use the game on the day of Hyowol’s member update for Korean services. How did you prepare, and will you do the same for the 6.2 update?

The global server suffered a lot during the 6.0 update. It became a problem that too many users flocked to the site and that users exceeded the capacity of the server, so we even blocked new registrations. Even the action that the character does not appear is a measure that we actively recommended to us to take on the global server in order to get users in as quickly as possible and reduce the server load. Although they do open pre-patch downloads, the download speed is actually a big part of the CDN. Although we prepared the maximum, I think we did a good job of dispersing in advance anyway. At the Square Enix headquarters, at the same time as Hyowol’s end was opened, it was monitored in real time and distributed.

We prepared the best we could, such as increasing the number of web servers as much as possible and maximizing CDN network traffic. Since Square Enix has been in trouble once, they applied it in real time because they had experience that users could more comfortably disperse and play if they took some action. I think that the efforts of both companies were not able to create a pleasant game environment.

And Korean servers use content more frequently than global servers. For example, there is a separate content server for content that you enter and enter, such as dungeons or Eureka. This content server also has a higher percentage of Korean servers than global servers. many. So, we prepared so that there would be no inconvenience in enjoying it, and we are preparing with the same structure for this server replacement, so we will try to distribute it as easily as possible in the future. Unmarked characters and inability to use fantasy drugs seem to go in every time. This has had a pretty big effect. When it stabilizes, it seems that it will proceed in the form of restoration to its original state.

The new Heroic Difficulty in the Hall of Demons Pandemonium: Purgatory in patch 6.2 has been nerfed once in the middle of the global server. The Korean server used to come in with a nerfed version, but is this case the same?

I think the expression ‘nerf’ is the wrong word. The meaning itself is a nerf, but it is a stamina adjustment. What the development team originally intended was a version that can be enjoyed on the current global server, but initially it was set excessively, and it is a version that has been adjusted to normal. In Korea, you will be able to play with the normalized version. Job balance is also brought into version 6.28, and various jobs are improved.

How did you communicate with Square Enix during the COVID-19 period, and how did Square Enix care about Korean services?

Before Corona, I went on a business trip to Japan at least twice or four times in the first half and second half of the year, and had meetings related to Korean services all day from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. Due to Corona, I haven’t been able to go for almost 3 years, but during this period, I replaced it with a video conference once a week.

In the early days of communication, it was very difficult to make the results of Korean services and future plans close to 100 PPTs, but those parts have been simplified. It was not possible to review all of them one by one during a video conference, so it was delivered in advance and simplified in the form of discussing key issues in a video conference. Square Enix has also introduced telecommuting, so I don’t think business trips to Japan will be as frequent as before. Since we are already accustomed to collaborating remotely, we understand that there is an internal meeting within Square Enix that discusses issues related to Korean services once a week. Wouldn’t it be better if we collaborated with us through a video conference on the decisions made during the discussion? In the past, I had to prepare for a long time to talk a lot at once, and I was very busy before going on a business trip. Now, it is a form of preparing and discussing each case, so I feel that I have become more agile.

Since Korean services have been steadily growing, the Square Enix development team is trying to do as much as possible for Korean services and help them. However, we will disclose as soon as we are negotiated with each other as to which part is helpful.

We are in the process of upgrading our server equipment.

Please tell us how much progress has been made and what effects users can enjoy after replacing equipment . Currently, IDC physical server deployment is almost complete, and new server setting for next-generation equipment is almost finished. Internal testing will be conducted soon with Square Enix, and at this point, between late March and early April, a full replacement with next-generation equipment will take place. Since it is a full replacement, I think it will take quite a long time to check. Currently, we expect it to take up to 4 days.

Replacing a server involves several interlocking tasks. Live DB server synchronization, game server website linkage, linkage test, etc. It will take a long time because there are many things to check, such as whether it is working normally, and it is difficult to access the homepage during the maintenance period. In the near future, users will be informed through an announcement, but please understand that additional news will be announced through the official SNS during the maintenance period.

Both us and Square Enix are preparing to play in a more comfortable environment, but we have not yet completed the server setting and have not tested it on the new server, so it is difficult to guarantee the experience that actual users will receive. However, it has been more than 8 years since our server wrote it now. If you change your 8-year-old PC to a new PC, many things will improve, so I think you will be able to feel the overall game. We expect that most of the problems that users feel, not personal PC or network environment problems, will be resolved, and server communication will become faster and more comfortable. Why don’t you try playing after the actual replacement and experience it?

There was a recent morning inspection. What was the problem

? There are game server devices, and there are network devices that connect game server devices. Recently, new network equipment has been introduced, and the recent inspections can be seen as part of that. I need to change this at once, but since network equipment doesn’t work at all when it’s not connected, I’m working through the maintenance time. You can see it as part of a full-scale replacement work in various ways, such as changing the IDC space layout.

How is compensation for the maintenance period due to server equipment replacement for users using Final Fantasy 14 in PC rooms?

First of all, we plan to provide three times the amount of time we cannot use only to subscribers of the subscription as compensation. In fact, since the subscription is a part where the fee is deducted if you cannot use it while you have it, we compensate that much, but in the case of PC rooms, it is deducted from the usage time, so it would be difficult to compensate for that part. First of all, let’s discuss it with our PC room partners.

Korean services provide good translations, but there seems to be no major difference other than the benefits of PC rooms. I wonder if there are plans to add additional events or content that are not available on the global server.

First, I would like to emphasize that the biggest advantage of Korean services is that you can enjoy games in Korean. No matter how familiar you are with a foreign language, I don’t think you can give a sense of immersion that goes beyond your native language. Final Fantasy 14 is a game with great gameplay and a very large volume. It is natural for a publisher to localize these games in Korean and provide services in accordance with Korean laws by collaborating with a Japanese game company known for difficult IP management, but I want you to know that this is not a simple task.

You mentioned that it is a PC room service that is different from global servers, and unique events unique to the Korean version have been held steadily every year from the opening to the present. I think we are providing a differentiated service by providing rare rewards that are difficult to obtain in the global version as unique event rewards in the Korean version. And the global server users were very envious of the unique event unique to the Korean version, so the Mog Slate event was created with the Korean server’s event as a motif to provide such an event to users on the global server.

Prior items of the Korean server have been introduced every year, and we will probably introduce them this year as well, so it would be nice if you could wait a bit. In addition, there are no counterfeit cosmetic items for gathering and crafting jobs on the global server. It exists only on Korean and Chinese servers, and Korean fan festivals are also held every time. Also, during the fan festival period, I think we have continued to provide differentiated points by releasing Korean-only goods. Although it is not direct game content, ‘Voice of Light’ is also the first content to be exported globally, and the Korean version of ‘Shadowbringer’, the title song of the traitor in darkness, is the only Korean version. It’s a Japanese game, but there is no Japanese version of the song, only Korean version.

Of course, this may not be enough for users to see, but the Korean operation team has been working hard and will continue to make various attempts in the future, so I hope you will support us warmly.

Do you have any plans to consider something like the PC room burning event at the current time when we are in an endemic situation

? Compared to the number of users that users enjoy, there are parts where the ranking of PC rooms is measured very low, so I always feel very sorry. We have made a lot of effort to somehow increase the number of PC room users, and we plan to do so in the future. Along with the release of the end of Hyowol, extensive PC room items were added, and events such as double weekend points were held, confirming that the usage time increased by more than 150%. In this patch 6.2, the treasure chest for PC rooms will be updated. The treasure chest exclusively for PC rooms opens with a 100% probability when using the map, and the treasure chest rewards are good, so we think that many users will use it. In addition, to commemorate the patch 6.2 update, we plan to hold a weekend PC room point double event.

The Global Server recently hosted the Crystalline Conflict Community Cup online. I wonder if the Korean operation team has any plans for hosting the tournament?

Korea is an e-sports originator and a powerhouse. We conducted PVP using The Feast at the fan festivals in 2017 and 2019, and the usage rate of The Feast at that time was really low compared to the current Crystalline Conflict. Nevertheless, it was held, and as Japan, North America, and Europe are also hosting the Crystalline Conflict Conflict, Korea naturally has an idea to do it. Although there are internal plans, it is a bit early to make an official announcement because we have not yet reached an agreement with Square Enix, and we will proceed, so please wait for further news. Also, with the start of Crystalline Conflict Season 3, patch 6.2 will bring some system improvements, such as the relegation system and penalties. Information related to Crystalline Conflix will be continuously updated, so please enjoy it.

The battlefield content of Final Fantasy 14 is also enjoyed by many users. However, among the in-game content, the battlefield is also the one with the most user disputes. I think one of the reasons for the frequent disputes is the ambiguous sanctions standard. Can you tell us something about this?

First of all, the most reports are received from the battlefield, and after directly checking all reports, we are taking measures for bad manners internally. What I can say for sure is that the criteria for sanctions are not ambiguous. Internal handling standards for bad manners are clearly established, and sanctions are being applied after checking four times according to those standards. However, if we tell you what standard we sanction, we cannot reveal it because there are people who abuse it, such as committing bad manners according to the limits of the standard. We ask for your understanding that we are providing comprehensive guidance. Although the most restrictions are in place on the battlefield, I think those who enjoy the battlefield will know the standard intuitively. I hope you enjoy the content without crossing that line.

In Final Fantasy 14, elements of homage to the previous Final Fantasy series, such as Final Fantasy 4, are coming out through content. However, there are many old works, so there are some parts that are difficult for users to understand. Are you preparing video contents or planning contents that can explain these elements internally?

There was a time when I tried to prepare with a launch promotion from the open beta. There are many users of the Final Fantasy series, but in the Korean market, I thought it was a game that only those in the know knew, and as a fan of the Final Fantasy series, I prepared it because I wanted to introduce the elements of homage. However, each Final Fantasy numbering has different departments within Square Enix. In order to officially mention other series-related content in Korean services, it was difficult to proceed because it was a pyeongtae that had to be consulted and confirmed with the relevant department of Square Enix.

There is a comment from Naoki Yoshida P/D. There are many users who are new to the Final Fantasy series through Final Fantasy 14, and play the previous series while learning the homage elements to the past series and enjoy what kind of theme park is being developed. You said you wanted to give it to me. So I think it would be best for me to say the same thing. During the open beta, there was a video showing the previous series once in a while, and it took a really long time to prepare. I remember that collaborating with other series departments took too long, so we decided not to do it. It would be nice if you could understand that it is difficult to proceed with an introduction through a game YouTuber because it is a paid advertisement that is carried out at a cost.

P/D Naoki Yoshida once introduced the plan for the next 10 years. What kind of preparation is the Korean service operation team preparing to materialize and realize that plan? Some

of you may be new to this topic through this article, so I will tell you about the development team’s preparation for the next 10 years and Korean service. The development motto of the Final Fantasy 14 development team for the next 10 years is the development team’s motto for the next 10 years: evolution as an RPG that can be played alone or together. I heard that there are many Final Fantasy series players who have not played Final Fantasy 11 and 14 because they are online. Most of the Final Fantasy series was a single game played alone, but there is a fear of meeting other people online. Ultimately, the basic goal is to be able to clear the main scenario itself by yourself. You can do it alone, or you can do it together. So, it started with the hope that those who had only played single games would reach the fun of online games, such as ‘there are other people in this world other than me’ and ‘these worlds are shared with other people’ while playing Final Fantasy 14. I will.

And this year is the 8th anniversary of the Korean service, and the 10th anniversary of the global service. As a 10-year-old game, 7.0 is preparing a large-scale graphics update for the next 10 years, and the development team is also preparing step by step. I think Korean services also need to prepare for the next 10 years in earnest. Now, this year is the 8th year, and the next 10 years seem far away. I haven’t made a plan yet to do something specific, but I think I can enjoy the game without any problems for the next 8 to 10 years with the server replacement with next-generation equipment to be carried out in the first half of this year. We are also reviewing various campaign marketing activities so that more users can use it. One of them is the second animation advertisement using entertainment elements. On the 2nd, we released a 15-second teaser for ‘All the Fun in One Story’, and this is our second since ‘It’s OK to Not Hurry’, which we released 2 years ago. I hope that those who have not encountered Final Fantasy 14 will be able to interact with it in a friendly and comfortable way, and many people will be able to sympathize with the message containing the heart of the Korean service operation team and experience and play it in a new way. The first animation came out with 1.2 million views after it was released. Part 2 is scheduled to be released on the 14th, so please keep an eye on it.

There have been several incidents and accidents in Korean services, and I think it is our aspiration for the next 10 years to prevent these incidents from occurring and to create an environment where you can only enjoy Final Fantasy 14 and focus on the game. I will do my best, so please watch over me.

You talked about your aspirations last year to improve Korean services, which were relatively underdeveloped compared to global servers, and to allow users to play in a safe environment. To what extent do you think you have achieved this a year later

? We have released several expansion packs, including , but this time we broke the record for the highest number of concurrent users ever. After entering 6.0, many users showed interest in the completion of the story from the newborn Eorzea, and I think it led to good results. I opened a Korean service in 2015, but last year, 2022, became the year that achieved the highest sales. This is a figure that has more than doubled the sales recorded in 2016 with Ishgard of Changchun. We are breaking the highest annual sales every year, and I think this is an important point to prove that we are steadily growing.

As the barrier to entry is so high that few game companies develop new PC MMORPGs, as I mentioned earlier, the development team is also aiming to evolve into an RPG that can be enjoyed alone or in groups over the next 10 years. As with patch 6.0, you can see that the two major updates that followed have made quite a few changes where you can feel the commitment of the development team. I think pioneering an uninhabited island is one of them. I think these things are the driving force behind the steady growth of Final Fantasy 14. Since we plan to continue to increase the content that can be enjoyed alone, we hope that many people will be able to enjoy this without much difficulty even when they are new to the game in the future. 바카라사이트

Also, I think the most important factor is to create an environment where you can only focus on playing the game. I’m playing games for fun, but putting stress on things other than the fun of the game is something that I really shouldn’t do as an operator. I can say that the goal is to continue to operate well so that there are no issues and noise like this. And this year, we are going to try a lot of different things. I can’t tell you yet, but we are planning a variety of activities that allow you to enjoy the online experience offline, and we will reveal them as soon as they are ready, so please watch over us.

Fan festivals are a representative offline event for Final Fantasy 14, and it is also famous for cosplaying a new job from the expansion pack after losing weight. It won’t be easy, but is there a reason you walk the path of hardship for adventurers?

The reason you go on a diet is actually because of me, not the fans. Before the first fan festival, I was so ill that I almost collapsed a few times, so I started it as a health care measure, and now I’m maintaining it. First, the red mage was a tight-fitting costume, so I went on a diet. I was able to take care of my health at the same time. After that, I want to work on Final Fantasy 14 for a long time, so I am taking care of my health. And since I lost weight, everyone looked at me as younger than my original age. So I go on a diet for health care and self-satisfaction. Of course, even at fan festivals, I want to show something, so I put in more effort, but I’m just more grateful that you like it.

One of the most representative ways to connect online experiences offline is the ‘Tataru’s Great Café’ held at the end of last year. Please tell us how you came up with the plan and what kind of feedback you received after the event ended.

Thank you again to all the adventurers who gave a warm response to the collaboration cafe ‘Tataru’s Great Café’ with Pop Bubble. The first time I went to Eorzea Cafe was in 2014, and I’ve been there several times since then, and I thought it would be a good experience to be able to enjoy the things in the game offline while enjoying the game. Sitting alone in front of the computer, feeling the things you used to enjoy offline. The experience of eating food while looking at things in the foreground and dimes was a very good experience for me, a game fanatic. I put a lot of effort into trying to provide something like this. Fan festivals are held by us, so you can do it yourself, but in the case of cafes, we couldn’t do it ourselves, so we couldn’t do it. There are a few companies that collaborate, but I thought Pop Bubble was the best partner when considering various aspects such as environment, conditions, and transportation. Daewon, the operator, has already collaborated with many companies, and the number of users of ‘Tartaru’s Jackpot Cafe’ was overwhelming. I think it’s difficult to predict demand compared to the number of users because it’s doing better than other game collaborations. We predicted about 5,000 people, but more than twice as many people came.

I wonder if our users really like the game. However, forecasting demand is not easy. In the case of goods, there was also a case where we produced 2,000 pieces and couldn’t sell even half of them. Then you have to dispose of everything. On the other hand, there are cases where more than 10,000 units are sold. Since this is all related to money, I think we have no choice but to proceed very conservatively. Thank you for coming to the cafe unexpectedly so many times, but I was also very sorry. But for the first time trying it, I couldn’t do it with a bigger place than there. For example, if there are no customers, that is also a difficult situation, and we will not buy noodles from our partners. Anyway, I’ve confirmed that there’s a lot of demand, so if I do it next time, I’ll make up for what I lacked as much as possible.

However, as a collaboration, it is inevitably only for a limited time, so it is difficult to meet all the demands. I think it would be best to do it yourself all the time. In Japan and China, there are restaurant companies dedicated to collaboration, but in Korea, there are only cafes like Pop Bubble. If there is no company with a business model that also includes food, you have no choice but to open a cafe like a pop bubble or a restaurant. Collaborators also have a profit model to do in order of popular IPs, so it is difficult to do only Final Fantasy 14 all the time, so in the end they have no choice but to set it up. Actoz Soft is a 27-year-old game company this year, and adding the restaurant business is a big agenda that requires going to the board of directors and shareholders’ meeting. I’m trying to push it, but I don’t know if this will get approved.

Adventurers, as much as I want to do what you want, I want to do what you like. Actually, since we only have Final Fantasy 14, and Actoz, not Square Enix, it’s hard to live forever just watching this. I’ve also reviewed publishing for other new games, but rather than that, I’m trying to promote it with “Let’s try the restaurant business! This is rather less risky and there is not enough demand”, but I don’t know if it will go well. I’m putting in a lot of effort, so I’d love for you to support me as a game player.

Come to think of it, the business manager’s expression used to change every time the manager said something in episode 41 of Letter Live. At the end of Letter Live, I was on the verge of collapsing, but after the broadcast, some people were worried about whether I was okay.

There were no stories that first appeared on Letter Live. It was all talked about internally, so the staff knew about it. It was really unintentional, but it became a form where I just made it and the business team manager took care of it, and I wonder if that was the fun of a live performance in its own way. There are a few things I have said about things that have been agreed upon internally and the direction has been decided to a certain extent, but it is not yet time to open, but those are also being discussed internally, so you don’t have to worry too much.

If you look at the official SNS of the global server, there is a section called ‘Fan Art Monday’ that introduces you when you post.

Is n’t the Korean service operation team planning a similar introduction content ? What I felt at the time was that there were so many paintings that were really sincere. What do you think when you see it all? I’m sorry. There are a lot of really great paintings, but we’re limited in what we have to choose from. At the time of the countdown, there were over 1,000 fan art entries for us to select 14. If we do something in the official, they actively send it, but it’s too bad that it rots apart from our selection, and I can’t do it because I’m sorry for that. I want to do a fan art contest, but there are a lot of entries, and it takes a long time to review. I’ll have to think about it.

When we select fan art, we first vote internally. The team dedicated to it does some sorting, but after the sorting, everyone on our team does an internal vote. And it was a structure where the fan art that received the highest number of votes was elected. Hyowol’s countdown to Jongwon last year was not based on one person’s personal opinion, so I really picked and chose, but a lot of cost went into it internally. It would be nice to introduce it through a broadcast, but since there is no one who wants to appear on the show other than me, it would be difficult for us to broadcast directly, but there is one thing we are preparing. We are reviewing regular regular broadcasting through external recruitment rather than our staff, and if that becomes a reality, introducing the works in the fan art gallery through that would be a good way.

If you have any final comments, please feel free to ask

. All of these are the results of the light warrior adventurers’ enjoyment, and we are very grateful. We will continue to work hard for the next 10 years with your support, so please enjoy the 6.2 Forbidden Memories that will be updated soon, and we ask for your support for the various online and offline events we open in the future. We will continue to develop as a Korean version of the operation team. thank you

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