Hanwha is embarrassed by the controversy of ‘500 million arms’ Kim Seo-hyun… 3 day punishment What next?

Hanhwa, which started a strong start toward the last place, is puzzled by unexpected variables. As the highly anticipated newcomer Kim Seo-hyun (19)’s non-public social network service (SNS) became controversial, it seems to be absorbing all camp issues.

After confirming the authenticity, she took responsibility for the wrongdoing and issued a punishment of 3-day training exclusion and a fine, but it is natural to worry that the camp atmosphere will become untidy as the issue continues. Starting from Kim Seo-hyun’s return to training, which is scheduled for the 10th (Korean time), the focus of attention is expected.

Kim Seo-hyun, who graduated from Seoul High School and received the first overall nomination in the 2023 rookie draft, is evaluated as a super high school level pitcher with only a down payment of 500 million won. He was well-received as a resource that could immediately enter the first team with his strong shoulder, which lightly throws more than 150 km per hour, as a stepping stone. In his first bullpen pitching on the 6th, he threw a maximum of 151 km, proving that his ability was not exaggerated.

But the positive issues ended there. A big problem arose after less than three turns of the team’s training. He has come under heavy criticism after it has been revealed that he made rude comments to his coaches and fans on his private social media account. In that it is his private account, it is close to his private life, but the content was at a level that could not be tolerated.

Hanwha coach Carlos Subero punished Kim Seo-hyun, saying, “There must be something to learn from mistakes.” However, it is difficult to see the level of punishment as severe punishment as skipping one turn in the training schedule. As the controversy continues, there are concerns that additional issues may arise, and the gaze surrounding Kim Seo-hyun is becoming uneasy.

Since the disciplinary action ends on the 9th, returning to training from the 10th is not a problem according to the club’s regulations. However, there are concerns that if the Kim Seo-hyun issue does not stop easily, it may affect the overall atmosphere of the camp. It is the best scenario for Hanwha that the player sincerely reflects and apologizes and public opinion subsides, but the possibility of being tagged throughout the camp cannot be ruled out. In other words, the rookie who was trusted and highly anticipated became the biggest variable in the entire team camp. 스포츠토토

First of all, Hanwha did not disclose additional discussions about Kim Seo-hyun until the second turn of training was over. However, as much as the club was not expecting it at all, an embarrassing atmosphere is read internally. As the ambitious and bright camp met a reef from the beginning, it seems important what Kim Seo-hyun thinks about it.

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