How much is Lee Jeong-hoo’s 1.1 billion won… 2nd baseman GG + 2 crowns, best ace + 60 wins, 3 aces ransom

Kiwoom Heroes Lee Jung-hoo set the record for the highest non-FA salary. The annual salary in 2023 is 1.1 billion won. Among players under a one-year contract before free agency, he became the first player ever to exceed the annual salary of 1 billion won.

Lee Jung-hoo, who received 750 million won last year and set the highest annual salary in the sixth year, won four crowns last year, including batting average (0.349), RBI (113 points), most hits (193), and on-base percentage (0.421), and became the regular league MVP. By adding ability and team-centered symbolism, it raised 350 million won to 1.1 billion won.

I think it’s an annual salary worthy of Lee Jung-hoo’s name, but even in the KBO league, this amount can be said to be unconventional. Even within the Kiwoom team, it shows a huge difference. It is similar to the sum of the salaries of three people: second baseman Golden Glove, best ace with two gold medals, and ace with 60 wins in total.

Kim Hye-seong, who is considered the next player who can challenge the major leagues after Lee Jeong-hoo, received the shortstop Golden Glove in 2021, changed his position to second baseman last year, and received another Golden Glove. He was the first player in KBO League history to receive the Golden Glove for second baseman and shortstop. Kim Hye-seong, who also hit fourth in the postseason, had a successful season last year with a batting average of 3.18, 164 hits, 4 home runs, 48 ​​RBIs, 81 runs and 34 stolen bases. She received 420 million won last year, which she raised from 320 million won this year to 100 million won. 스포츠토토

An Woo-jin, who won two gold medals this season with an ERA (2.11) and strikeouts (224), and made the team runner-up in the Korean Series with his fighting spirit pitching in the postseason, will receive an annual salary of 350 million won this year. It was an unprecedented increase of 200 million won from last year’s 150 million won.

Choi Won-tae is Kiwoom’s representative domestic ace. He recorded 7 wins and 5 losses with an ERA of 3.75 in 26 games last year, recording 60 wins in his career. In the postseason, he played a big role in the team’s runner-up in the Korean Series, recording 1-year-olds and 3 holds as a bullpen pitcher. He signed for 350 million won, up 40 million won from 310 million won last year.

If you add up the salaries of Kim Hye-seong, An Woo-jin, and Choi Won-tae this season, you get 1.12 billion won. It is 20 million won more than Lee Jung-hoo’s 1.1 billion won. Lee Jung-hoo’s salary is similar to that of the three main players in the team. It can be seen that Lee Jung-hoo has great skills, symbolism, and popularity in Kiwoom and the KBO league.

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