How to reinforce the infield of BOS? “GG ​​Final Candidate Kim Ha-seong”… hot heat that does not cool down

“Ha-seong Kim was a finalist for the Gold Glove.”

The Spanish version of ‘’ published an article titled ‘Five Ways the Boston Red Sox Can Reinforce the Infield’ on the 21st (Korean time). He mentioned Ha-seong Kim (San Diego Padres).

Boston lost its starting shortstop in the free agent market this winter. This is because Zander Bogarts, who kept Boston’s infield until last year, signed a super-large contract with San Diego for 280 million dollars (approximately 345.8 billion won) in 11 years and took on a new challenge.

In addition, bad news overlapped. Trevor Story, Boston’s starting shortstop candidate, recently underwent right elbow ligament surgery. It is a part that corresponds to Tommy John surgery, but the surgery was performed in a slightly different way. However, it will take some time for the story to return to the ground.

Inside Boston, there is still an option for a punctured shortstop. Boston recently acquired outfielder Adam Duvall, allowing Kike Hernandez to play shortstop. However, it is true that the picture of Hernandez playing shortstop compared to Bogarts and Story has less weight. 메이저놀이터

Recently, multiple local media outlets are voicing that Boston should sign a shortstop. ‘’ was no different. The Spanish version of ‘’ cited Elvis Andrews, Jurickson Profar, Jose Iglesia, Joy Wendel (Miami Marlins), and Kim Ha-sung as ways Boston can fill the shortstop void.

The Spanish version of ‘’ opened the door by saying, “Unlike Andrews, Kim Ha-seong is not a free agent.” “San Diego, which recruited Bogatz, has many excellent resources in the infield. should be used,” he said.

Continuing, the media said, “If Kim Ha-sung’s trade is successful, Boston is likely to put forward right-handed pitcher Tanner Hook. Hook will qualify for free agency in 2028.” , recorded 12 stolen bases,” he explained.

Finally, ‘’ said, “Ha-seong Kim will receive $ 6 million (about 7.4 billion won) this year before receiving $ 7 million (about 8.6 billion won) in 2024.” was,” he added.

In fact, it is unknown how active Boston is in recruiting a shortstop, but in a situation where a shortstop is needed, the number of times Ha-seong Kim is mentioned is increasing. It remains to be seen what kind of change this situation will bring to Kim Ha-seong.

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