‘Hwang Min-gyeong has no vacancy’ Hyundai Engineering & Construction, Hwang Yeon-joo, Kim Yeon-gyeon, and Jeong Si-young on Wipawi also caught… All 20 FA contracts completed

Hwang Min-gyeong (33), who held the position of outside hitter (left) at Hyundai Engineering & Construction in Suwon, obtained the qualification as a free agent (FA) and left for IBK Industrial Bank in Hwaseong, but it is unlikely that the offense will weaken. After Hyundai E&C recruited Wipawi Sitong (24, Thailand) as the Asia Quarter, it also retained veteran Apogee Spiker (Light) Hwang Yeon-joo (37).

On the 22nd, Hyundai Engineering & Construction said, “Hwang Yeon-joo signed a contract with Hyundai Engineering & Construction for a total of 224 million won (80 million won in annual salary and 32 million won in options) for two years.”

It is a pitiful amount compared to Kim Yeon-kyung staying at Heungkuk Life Insurance and Park Jung-ah transferring to Gwangju Pepper Savings Bank and signing a large contract with the highest annual salary of 775 million won. However, Yeonju Hwang’s contract cannot be evaluated simply by the size of the contract.

Hwang Yeon-joo, who started his professional life at Heungkuk Life Insurance in 2004, played an active role in leading Heungkuk Life Insurance’s heyday with Kim Yeon-kyung, winning the team three championship trophies.

In 2010, when he obtained FA qualification, he moved to Hyundai E&C with the highest salary, and since then, he has established himself as a star representing Hyundai E&C for 13 years. This is his 5th free agent contract in his personal career. Hwang Yeon-joo is the 4th female player to sign an FA contract more than 5 times, following Jeong Dae-young (42, Seoul GS Caltex), Han Song-i (39, Daejeon KGC Ginseng Corporation, 6 free agent contracts), and Kim Su-ji (36, Heungkuk Life Insurance, 5 times). It became a ‘player who did it’.

스포츠토토 Even with foreign player Yasmin Badart missing due to an unexpected injury, Hwang Yeon-ju performed as if she had forgotten her age, and eventually Hyundai E&C reached out to Hwang Yeon-ju once again.

Hyundai E&C, which finished second in the regular league last season, was fortunately selected second in the newly introduced Asia Quarter Draft. Director Kang Seong-hyeong used this to fill the void left by Hwang Min-kyung.

Coach Kang said, “There is no Hwang Min-kyung, there is Ji-yoon Jeong, but I think of it as a starting pitcher in the current situation.” Regarding the possibility of running alongside an apogee Spiker, “(Foreign players) will have to try out, but I won’t even think about that. I would have been a player. Hwang Yeon-joo is also (apposite), so I only think of him as a professional left.” To that extent, coach Kang Seong-hyung is also satisfied with the performance Hwang Yeon-joo showed this season.

In addition, Hyundai E&C caught Kim Yeon-gyeon (30) as a libero for a total of 1.05 billion won over three years. Hyundai E&C, whose defense was greatly shaken by Kim Yeon-gyeon’s injury at the end of last season, did not miss the house rabbit. It is a contract that receives 300 million won in the first year, 350 million won in the second year, and 400 million won in the third year. He also signed a contract with middle blocker Si-Young Jeong (30) for a total of 70 million won (55 million won in annual salary and 15 million won in options) for a year.

With this, the women’s department also finished all the 2023 FA negotiations on the last day of negotiations. Of the 20 players on the market, 5 changed their uniforms and 15 stayed with their original clubs.

A club that recruited a free agent from outside must compensate the original club. Depending on the grade, Grade A must pay 200% of the player’s previous season’s annual salary and one compensation player or 300% of the annual salary. Grade B is 300% of the previous season’s annual salary.

Among the players who moved the team this time, Park Jeong-ah, Kim Su-ji, and Hwang Min-kyung are grade A, while Jung Dae-young (GS Caltex) and Chae Seon-ah (Pepper Savings Bank) are B grade.

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