‘I don’t want you to get hurt,’ Park Hae Min-Oh Ji-Hwan ‘good-hearted brothers’ reach out to ailing Kim Sun Bin

‘Don’t Get Injured’ On a field where a fiery battle raged every inning, the uniforms were different, but the concern for a fallen teammate was the same.

From LG’s Park Hae-min rushing to KIA’s Kim Sun-bin, who collapsed after being hit by a pitch while fielding in the third inning, to LG shortstop Oh Ji-hwan picking up Kim’s fallen helmet while he was complaining of leg pain after flying to second base in the sixth inning, there was a lot of emotion on the field.

The final game of the four-game series between the Kia Tigers and LG Twins was played at Kia Champions Field in Gwangju on April 10. After suffering a 12-2 loss to LG on the first day, Kia avenged the previous day’s defeat by taking both games of the doubleheader. With LG looking to end their losing streak and Kia looking to extend their winning streak, the final game was a nail-biter.

In each inning, the batsmen fought to catch runners in scoring position.

LG attacked in the 4th inning with KIA leading 4-0. With runners on first and third and Heo Do-hwan batting, a 135-kilometer cutter thrown by KIA starter Kim Gun-guk sent Park Hae-min to second base. Heo Do-hwan, who was at the plate, swung wildly to help steal second base. Catcher Kim Tae-gun quickly threw to second base, but the throw was short. The ball hit second baseman Kim Sun-bin’s body and bounced sideways, allowing third baseman Moon Sung-joo to score.

While Park Hae-min was catching his breath after successfully stealing second base, Kim Sun-bin, who had blocked the throw, fell to the ground and complained of pain. Park Hae-min reached him before the trainer and asked how he was doing, concerned for his teammate in pain.

Luckily, Kim got back up without any major injuries and continued to play defense. After returning to second base, Kim gestured toward the dugout to continue the game without a substitution, which eased Park’s worries.

After leading off the sixth inning with the score tied at 7-7, Kim led off with a single to right and slid into second base on Lee Chang-jin’s outfield bunt. As he touched his left leg in pain after sliding, LG shortstop Oh Ji-hwan approached him with his fallen helmet.

Kim stood up with his hand and made a grateful gesture.

LG’s Park Hae-min and Oh Ji-hwan approached Kia’s Kim Sun-bin, who was in pain after being hit by a ball in the third inning and sliding on his leg in the sixth inning, and showed genuine concern for their teammate despite their different uniforms.

In the 7th inning, with the score tied at 7-7, Choi Won-jun, who was substituted due to an injury to Na Sung-beom, hit a single to turn the game around. In the ninth inning, closer Jung Hae-young pitched a clean ninth inning to secure KIA’s third straight win 온라인바카라.

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