I was a candidate for the mighty ‘1st round’… I was the ‘Real Managing Director’

Kim Chun, like last season, is also called ‘Real Managing Director’ this season. Last year, 13 members of the 3rd class of Kimcheon Sangmu, including Cho Kyu-seong (Jeonbuk), Jung Seung-hyun (Ulsan), and Gu Sung-yoon, and 11 members of the 14th class, including Ko Seung-beom and Park Ji-soo, were discharged at the end of December last year. This is because a large number of ‘national level’ recruits such as Park Min-gyu (Suwon FC), Kim Jin-gyu (Jeonbuk Hyundai), and Won Doo-jae (Ulsan Hyundai) were transfused.

Everyone said in unison that it was the ‘absolute first class’. When pointing out Kim Cheon as a strong candidate for promotion, coach Seong Han-soo Kim Cheon also said, “I will not deny it. It is full of excitement rather than burden,” he nodded.

The goals of the players were also different. Captain Lee Young-jae, who is about to be discharged in June, even expressed his ambition to finish his military life undefeated before being discharged, but he is slowing down.

Ranked 7th in the K-League 2. slipped out of the top 5. 2 wins and 2 losses from 4 games, 6 points. The gap between 5th place Gimpo FC (8 points) is 2 points. Of course, it is a situation where Kim Cheon played one less game. 토토사이트

The start was good. After beating Chungnam Asan 2-1 in the opening match, they went on a two-game winning streak by catching the ‘new team’ Chungbuk Cheongju 2-0. However, they lost consecutively to Busan I-Park (1-3 loss) and Gyeongnam (0-2 loss). Defensively, as well as conceding two or more goals, they were scoreless against Gyeongnam.

Busan and Gyeongnam are the teams selected as candidates for the quarterfinals. In fact, both teams were ranked at the top. Gyeongnam is undefeated in 5 games with 11 points (3 wins, 2 draws). Busan is 3rd with 10 points (3 wins, 1 draw). We took the lower-ranking teams, but lost in head-to-head matches with teams that should have won points. It’s early in the season, but it’s not something that just passes by. This is especially true when it comes to defensive organization.

It hasn’t been long since Kim Cheon has been able to match breath between players. The recruits started winter training belatedly after entering the training center. Each player has excellent abilities, but it takes a process of bringing them together. Coach Seong also emphasized this before the start of the season.

After the Gyeongnam game, coach Seong said, “I was shaken a lot in the defense organization. He said, “I will find the best combination through training and supplement his organizational skills to show an improved image.”

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