“If you want to hit a fastball on your side…” LG permanently retired legend’s advice, should you wake up a 19-year-old special rookie?

Lee Young-min batting award given to the best hitter in high school baseball was awarded. The grandiose modifier ‘the second Lee Jung-hoo’ followed.

Before making his professional debut, he also played for Geelong Korea in the Australian Professional Baseball (ABL). It was a stage where the fierce swing of Lotte Giants Kim Min-seok (19) was shown in front of baseball fans prior to the game. 메이저사이트

Geelong Korea’s performance was a batting average of 2.35 li (16 hits in 68 at-bats), 1 home run OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) 0.612. However, his sharp swing was ‘real’. The only Lotte players were pitcher Seo Jun-won Kim Jin-wook and hitter Kim Seo-jin, but they said that they received a lot of help from being close with seniors such as Park Chan-hyeok (Kiwoom Heroes), Yoo Sang-bin (Hanwha Eagles) and Kim Joo-seong (LG Twins).

Kim Min-seok looked back and said, “Foreign pitchers have really good strength. In particular, the advice from Geelong coach Lee Byeong-gyu (head coach of the Samsung Lions), who shines with LG’s permanent retirement, is impressive.

“When I hit, I had a habit of putting my right foot inside, so there were many cases where I couldn’t even touch the inside fastball. According to the coach’s words, I changed it to a single stance, so it was definitely easier to hit the inside. I looked up, but the coach gave me the advice, ‘Think of your body first and hit.’ I’m now able to hit more confidently.”

The position registered for the Lotte Spring Camp held in Guam is an outfielder. Lotte plans to develop Kim Min-seok as a second baseman and center fielder in the future. Kim Min-seok experienced first, second, third base and center fielder in Geelong.

Kim Min-seok said, “It’s nice to be able to play in various positions, but I still want to have my own place. I’m confident in both the second baseman and center fielder. I think it will be decided after playing in the camp.” The uniform number 54 was the fastest among the remaining numbers.

He was full of confidence even while preparing for the new season. It might be a burden, but Kim Min-seok is calm.

“My goal for this year is to first make it to the first team, and then to get good results. I want to do well rather than work hard. I will not overdo it and go up step by step.”

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