“It was 10 to 12 from the beginning. Manchester United FW who touched the ‘Anfield sign’, fans criticize

‘From the start, it was a 10 vs 12 fight.’

The anger of Manchester United fans, who suffered a record 7-0 loss to Liverpool, was directed at Boot Verhost, the new Manchester United striker.

Manchester United collapsed 0-7 in the Liverpool expedition in the 26th round of the English Premier League (EPL) held at Liverpool Anfield on the 6th (Korean time). Liverpool rewrote the record for most goals scored in 128 years since a 7-1 win over Manchester United in October 1895, and United scored 7 goals in 92 years since a 7-0 defeat to Wolverhampton in December 1931. got hit by a car

The eyes of the furious Manchester United fans turned to the ‘traitor’ Verhost. In the pre-game entrance video released by the Liverpool club on its YouTube channel, Liverpool players touch a signboard reading ‘This is Anfield’ under the tunnel, a ceremony to pledge victory, and Verhost also performs this ceremony. witnessed the appearance Behind Dutch national teammates Virgil Van Dijk, Cody Gakpo and Trent Alexander Arnold, Verhorst was also filmed touching ‘This is Anfield’ as if he were a Liverpool player. Controversy arose that Verhost, who was a Liverpool fan, participated in the ‘ceremony’ together after coming to Anfield for the first time, and Manchester United fans raised suspicion that ‘they fought 10 to 12 from the beginning’.

As the fans’ controversy grew, Verhost insisted on social media that ‘Liverpool players touched the signboard to blow air in to prevent them from completing their usual ritual’. ‘At the Dutch national team, I knew Virgil Van Dijk’s ritual of always touching this sign. “My only intention was to keep Van Dijk from touching this sign and to shake him up before the game.” 바카라

Regarding the controversy over being a Liverpool fan as a child, he said, ‘As a child I was a fan of FC Twente and now I am proud to be a Manchester United player. My commitment to this great club is never in doubt,’ he said.

Nevertheless, fans’ doubts continue. That there are several past video evidences that he confessed to being a Liverpool fan. Fans say, ‘In six months he will have to leave this team. How could a Manchester United player touch the Anfield signboard?’ and many fans expressed their anger, saying, ‘Terminate his contract immediately’.

A former Dutch national striker, he played for Wolfsburg in Germany from 2018 to 2022, and after wearing a Burnley uniform in 2022, Verhost, who played for Besiktas in the Turkiye League until last January, is a 1m97 tall striker. He is a player who was directly recruited on a one-month lease.

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