“It’s crazy! A ball I’ve never seen before”… 83 cm drop of praise poured into ‘ghost fork’

“Really crazy”

New York Mets Senga Kodai started on the 3rd (Korean time) in an away match against the 2023 Major League Miami Marlins held at Londi Po Park in Miami, Florida, USA, and pitched 88 in 5⅓ innings. 3 hits, 3 walks, 8 strikeouts, 1 run (1 earned run), and got his first win in his major league debut.메이저사이트

Senga, who pitched in 224 Japanese professional baseball games with a ‘Magu’ called ‘Ghost Fork’ and achieved an excellent record of 87 wins, 44 losses, 1 save, 20 holds, and an average ERA of 2.59, declared ‘opt-out’ after the end of last season, Through a large contract with the New York Mets for 5 years and 75 million dollars (approximately 98.7 billion won), he succeeded in realizing his long-cherished ‘dream’.

Senga also missed the World Baseball Classic (WBC) for his first season with the Mets, and appeared in three exhibition games, going 1-2 with a 4.00 earned run average and building expectations. And it showed its true value in his regular season debut. Indeed, the forkball danced.

After giving up a hit to leadoff batter Ruiz Araez in the first inning, Senga committed a wild pitch and was in danger of conceding a run. And he broke off an uneasy start with a timely hit by the follow-up hitter, Jorge Solaire. After that, it was difficult to find stability, allowing consecutive walks to Jazz Chizom Jr. and Avisail Garcia. However, he struck out Yuli Gurail and Jesús Sanchez in a row, and caught John Berti with a fly ball in right field, escaping the crisis of large runs.

Senga was powerful after preventing the early crisis with the minimum number of runs. He scored his first three-way offense by striking out Solair and Chizom Jr. in a row in the third inning, and scored no runs with double strikes in the second inning. And in the 4th inning, they blocked the Miami batting line without a crisis. Ga got his third hit on the day after two deaths in the fifth inning, but this time, too, there were no runs. And after holding the lead batter in the 6th inning, he passed the mound to the bullpen and was replaced.

Senga struck out a whopping eight in his debut, all of which were ‘ghost forks’. Miami batters were knocked down by autumn leaves. The most impressive pitch was the scene where he struck out Gurriel Jr. in the first inning. Gurriel swung at Senga’s forkball and, unable to hold the bat all the way, threw it towards the third base dugout. At this time, the left and right movement of the thrown forkball was 9 inches (22 cm), and the drop recorded a whopping 33 inches (about 83 cm).

After the game, Senga’s teammate Tommy Pam gave an interview to the US’SNY’ and said ‘Ghost Fork’. Pam gave a thumbs up, saying, “If you watch the opponent’s batter swing, Senga’s forkball is a ball that the batter really hates.”

Mets Marcus Stroman also agreed. Stroman posted a scene where Senga strikes out Gurriel Jr. on social media and praised it, saying, “This ball is really crazy. I’ve never seen a breaking ball that moves like that.”

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