‘Jungang University’s 52-game winning streak myth’ Oh Geun-geun and Kim Sun-hyung “We will show romantic basketball in SK”

The protagonists of the “Jungang vs. SK 52-game winning streak myth” have united in professional basketball’s Seoul SK and promised to play “romantic basketball” next season.

At a joint press conference with Kim Sun-hyung at the KBL Center in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 8th, Oh Se-geun, who chose SK as a free agent (FA), said, “I thought a lot about it (after the last season). It was hard to think about leaving behind what I had achieved for 12 years,” he said, adding, “Nevertheless, I wanted to challenge myself in a new team. I talked a lot with (Heo) Il-young and (Kim) Sun-hyung, and I heard a lot of stories from the people around me, so I decided to make the move.”

Oh joined Anyang KGC Ginseng as the No. 1 overall pick in the 2011 rookie draft and has played for the same team for 12 years. He led the club to four championships, including the title the season before. Last month, however, he signed a three-year, first-year contract worth 750 million won ($550 million per year) to play for SK.

The news of Oh’s transfer excited basketball fans. It meant a reunion with Kim Sun-hyung, another key player in Chung-Ang University’s 52-game winning streak in 2010. “Free agency is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so players are sensitive, so I didn’t express it outwardly, but I really wanted (Oh) to come,” said Kim Sun-hyung, who was present at the press conference. “I called him because he didn’t sign quickly, and he looked worried. Until he signed, I was thinking, ‘Will he play for us?'” he said.

The two players also reminisced about their college days. “I have nothing but happy memories, and we had an unbelievable synergy (playing with Kim),” said Oh, Geun. “Even though we’re older now, it’s our mission and goal to create that synergy.” Kim also vowed to “show the fans what romantic basketball is all about this season.”

However, some fans are wondering if the chemistry between the two players will be the same after 13 years. Choi Jun-yong (Jeonju KCC), who played for SK until last season, even referred to his former team as “old men” during the transfer press conference.

However, the two didn’t take it personally. “The team they called ‘old people’ had both the regular season MVP (Kim Sun-hyung) and the final MVP (Oh Se-geun),” Kim emphasized. Quoting a line from the drama “The Glory,” he responded, “How long will you be young, will you be young next year?” and said, “I think it’s rude for (Choi) to call the players who played with him for five years ‘old people. “Of course, I’m too old to just reminisce, but I will work hard (to overcome this),” Oh emphasized.

When asked about his experiences playing against Kim in the professional ranks, Oh playfully complimented him. “It was a ridiculous shit shot (Kim’s floater),” he said, recalling the 2022-23 championship game. It was really shitty,” he laughed, before praising him for “trying to stop Sun-hyung, but it didn’t work out in the game.” “He always grabbed a rebound or scored a goal at a crucial moment,” Kim said. That made me respect him even more,” he said, adding, “I was well motivated during the championship match. It gave us a boost for the seventh game.”

With the addition of the league’s best center, Oh Se-geun, SK has emerged as a strong contender for the new season. “We’ll have to wait and see,” Kim said of fellow title contender KCC. I think Suwon KT and Changwon LG will also do well, so there will be a lot of good competition (next season).” “It’s premature to expect to win the championship right now,” said Oh Se-geun, “I’ve always had injury issues, so my first goal is to not have any major injuries this time like the last three years.” He is determined to start anew. 메이저사이트

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