‘K League 2 Legend’ Go Kyung-min, who became a ‘playing coach’ “Coach Lee Young-min really pulled me in”

“When I was contemplating between a player and a coach, coach Lee Young-min pulled me along.”

‘K League 2 Legend’ Go Kyung-min (36) has transformed into a leader. He will be active as a playing coach for Bucheon FC from this season. Ko Kyung-min is the first K-League 2 legend to have hat-tricks for 3 consecutive years, the most goals (75 goals) and the most attack points (100 points) in K-League 2. Last season, he still played powerfully in the Gyeongnam FC uniform, scoring 4 goals and 1 assist in 27 games. Love calls came from other teams. Koh Kyung-min, who was focusing on extending his active service, suddenly chose the path of a leader. Ko Kyung-min said, “It was very difficult to choose. My wife cried every day to continue her career as a player.” “Actually, I had a contract with Gyeongnam. I heard that next year, however, he told me to judge and make a decision because the number of appearances may decrease as the team is mainly composed of young players.” 토토

It was Bucheon coach Lee Young-min who changed the mind of Goh Kyung-min, who was contemplating a transfer. The relationship between Go Kyung-min and coach Lee began in 2013 at FC Anyang. Ahead of Anyang’s founding at the time, manager Lee (acting manager at the time) took notice of Goh Kyung-min, who was playing in the National League, and recruited him directly. Koh Kyung-min said, “I am very grateful to coach Lee. He is the one who changed the course of my career as a player.” In the moment I was at a loss, the director pulled me over, and that’s why I made a decision.” He continued, “I originally thought that I would be a leader when I retired. I thought that it would be better if I started learning under coach Lee. He really watches a lot of games, watches a lot of videos, and organizes training and patterns well. I believed it,” he said.

There were also regrets. Ko Kyung-min has played 284 games so far. With only 16 more games to play, he could have set the record for 300 career appearances as a professional. Ko Kyung-min said, “It’s a pity. But there is no guarantee that I will play 16 games unconditionally just because I play this year. Still, I am satisfied that I have filled 100 attack points.” Although he can play as a playing coach, Koh Kyung-min said, “The coach firmly told me that having a coach in and out of the stadium doesn’t have such a good effect on the team. , but the director said, ‘Don’t blow it in.’

Ko Kyung-min, who has transformed into a leader, dreams of becoming a director with a clear philosophy. He said, “Unfortunately, the leader changed almost every year during my career as a player. I moved the team, or a new coach came. I was able to see the strengths and weaknesses of various areas with various coaches. Among them, meeting someone with a clear philosophy There was definitely something to be gained. I wonder if the players will acknowledge it if I am,” he said. 토토사이트

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