Kalamba Games publishes in Spain and LatAm market via EmaraPlay

The Kalamba Games title will soon be available in Spain and Latin America via the Emara Play platform!

Kalamba Games is now available on various online casino sites around the world with the most advanced and original systems and attractive themes, and has gained support from a wide range of people.

Kalamba Games’ representative game titles include Blazing Bull'',Ducks Till Dawn”, Joker games'',BIG BOUNTY BILL”, and “SKY HUNTERS”. increase.

On the other hand, Emara Play has developed a completely new concept in the field of game aggregation, focusing on operators and suppliers to obtain user satisfaction. , land-based casinos, games and player engagement tools from leading suppliers in the sector.

“Tamas Kusztos”, Head of Sales and Account Management at Kalamba said:

“Emara Play is one of the most dynamic companies in Spain and Latin America, and we are delighted to offer local players the opportunity to play our game,” said Mr. This move further underscores our commitment to the regulated market and significantly expands the reach of our content. ”

Emara Play CEO Daniel Rubio said:

“By working with Karamba, we are able to offer players the most innovative and engaging slot games on the market.

“The Karamba team understands the needs of a wide range of players and strives to always be on the cutting edge of slot design. We are very pleased to be working with such a content provider. I think so, and I look forward to future developments.”

But in Japan, it doesn’t really matter, does it? You may think that, but from the perspective of players who like Kalamba Games games, if more players know about them, it will be profitable for Kalamba Games, so the game will be provided stably and speedily. As a result, we can look forward to providing games of higher quality and superior entertainment.

It would be nice to know a game provider company that can be seen in the Japanese online casino market! Please support us!

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