KCC Lunar New Year half-line shot, Cheonha from Yonsei University

Six of the KCC players celebrate the New Year’s holiday happily by making extra money by making half-line shots. Four of them were from Yonsei University.

Jeonju KCC had court training at Changwon Gymnasium ahead of an away game against Changwon LG on the 21st. It started at 2:00 pm, the same time as the game on the 22nd, and finished around 3:30.

After training, Choi Hyeong-gil, general manager of KCC, suggested shooting at the half-line to welcome the New Year. It was decided to give prize money to two people.

In the first attempt, Park Kyung-sang was the only one who succeeded.

A second attempt was made to cover another person. Laguna threw it first, and it passed through the rim.

The rest of the players continued on their second attempt. Four more people succeeded, including Kim Ji-wan, Jeon Jun-beom, Heo Woong, and Lee Geun-hwi.

I often watched him shoot from the half-line to boost morale after training in the afternoon before the game or in the morning on the day of the game. However, it seems that I have never seen a successful case with 6 people like KCC.

Team leader Choi Hyeong-gil, who had initially decided to give prize money to two players, gave prize money differently to Park Gyeong-sang, who succeeded first, and the remaining five players. 헤라카지노

Lee Seung-hyun expressed regret, saying, “I only included all players from Yonsei University.”

Jeon Joon-beom joked with Heo Woong that he asked for some of the prize money because he put it in with a successful basketball ball.

Kim Ji-wan, who heard this, said that La Gun-ah caught a successful basketball and threw it.

While Yonsei University players were expressing their joy by receiving the prize money, Lee Geun-hwi quietly left the gym with a smile on his face.

Meanwhile, KCC players trained in light clothes at the Changwon Gymnasium that day. KCC said after a game in Changwon on December 26 last year, “I couldn’t train because it was cold.”

There was no problem with the heating on this day, so much so that it was said that it was rather hot.

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