Kim Bo-mi, ‘daughter of a billiards champ’, advances to the finals for the first time on the LPBA tour… “I’m so glad”

“I’m really happy. The thought ‘I’m finally going to the finals’ is like a dream.”

Kim Bo-mi (NH Nonghyup Card) made her first final round of her professional billiards women’s LPBA after the 8th round of 7. Kim Bo-mi is famous for being a ‘women’s billiard player’ with Kim Byeong-ho (Hana Card).

She defeated Minju Baek (Crown Haitai) by a set score of 3-1 in the LPBA semifinals of the Crown Haitai PBA-LPBA Championships at the Bitmaru Broadcasting Center in Goyang City, Gyeonggi Province.

Kim Bo-mi, who suffered a loss in seven semi-finals in her last four seasons, played carefully against the recently burgeoning Min-ju Baek. After winning the first set 11-8, she dropped the second set 2-11, but in the third and fourth sets, she won 11-2 and 11-5, respectively, and secured a ticket to the final.

Kim Bo-mi’s final opponent is ‘Cambodia Express’ Slong Piabi (Blue One Resort). Throng defeated Imari by a set score of 3-1 and reached the final about 7 months after the Hana Card Championship, the second tour of this season.

Kim Bo-mi said, “I’m really happy (to advance to the finals),” and “I didn’t get frustrated thanks to the support of many people watching me. I know better than anyone that (Slong) sister is a great player, but I will confidently strive for the championship.” expressed his determination.

Throng, who overcame a recent slump and won the final ticket in only six tournaments, also said, “This season has been a struggle to adapt to her newly acquired skills, but it’s time to step up.” Kim Bo-mi is a strong and confident player. She is a player who wants to learn a lot,” she said, looking forward to the final. 온라인바카라

Kim Bo-mi’s father, Kim Byeong-ho, reached the top of the Wellbang Tour, which was the last tournament of the 2019-2020 season, and is leading the team as captain of Hana Card this season. Kim Bo-mi and Kim Byeong-ho are famous as ‘women’s billiard players’.

Kim Bo-mi and Throng’s last regular tour final of the season will be held at 9:30 pm on the 7th.

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