‘Left hand 150km’ Hwang Jun-seo “I am proud of my control”

The most notable left-handed pitcher in high school baseball this year is Hwang Jun-seo, a senior at Jangchung High School.

He said that he received a special message from Hanhwa Kim Seo-hyun after recording the highest speed of 150 km.

This is Reporter Park Jae-woong.

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A heavy fastball emanating from the 185cm tall.

From the dynamic pitching form to the confident game management.

This is Jangchung High School’s Hwang Jun-seo, who has been attracting attention early on as a ‘Kim Gwang-hyun look-alike’.

He proves a sense of stability uncharacteristic of a high school player in each tournament, and is currently considered the biggest player in high school baseball along with Jang Hyun-seok, right-handed pitcher for Masan Yong Margo.

[Hwang Jun-seo/Jang Choong-go]
“I think that such an evaluation is too much for me, but I think (Jang Hyun-seok) has a lot of mountains to overcome because he is a pitcher who throws 160km and his physique is all different.”

He is also determined to develop himself.

He has increased his weight by 6 kg this year and increased his relatively unremarkable top speed to 150 km.

I also received a special congratulations thanks to you.

[Hwang Jun-seo/Jang Choong-go]
“(Kim) Seohyun contacted me first. ‘Congratulations on throwing 150km, you’re doing well’ a lot of calls… ‘Isn’t hyung doing better’ like that…

” The greatest strength is control.

As the only sophomore pitcher at the Baseball World Cup last year, he pitched 5 scoreless innings against Taiwan and was named to the reserve list for the Hangzhou Asian Games.

[Hwang Jun-seo/Jang Chung-go]
“I am proud of my first ball, so I don’t think I have anything to worry about. For now, I believe in my ball and throw it thinking that no one will be able to hit it.”

After watching Ohtani’s final strikeout in the WBC finals, Hwang Jun-seo is also focusing on practicing sweepers, which are in vogue all over the world 안전놀이터.

While realizing his popularity to the extent that there are already fans sending love calls, he also revealed his dream of a bigger stage someday.

[Hwang Jun-seo/Jang Chung-go]
“All baseball players have a desire to go (to the major leagues), so I’m thinking a lot.”

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