‘LPBA’s first naturalized’ Wikar Hyatt “I shed tears with the champion”

He is the player with the title of ‘first’ in the entire PBA league.

Wikar Hyatt (33), the first naturalized player in the LPBA, has been steadily active since the first season of professional billiards.

On the 2nd, I visited the Bitmaru Broadcasting Center in Goyang, where the ‘Crown Haitai PBA-LPBA Championship’, the last gateway to the regular personal tour in the 2022-23 season, was in full swing. There he met Wikar.

Although he made a disappointing result in the round of 128, he runs a billiards room in Busan, so there is no time to rest even after the season is over.

Wikar, who sat face to face with this magazine, looked back on the round of 128 game that he regrettably missed, saying, “It was too bad, the ball didn’t stand as well as I wanted, the road didn’t go as I wanted, the grouping was okay, but the player I played with in the same group hit too well.” I saw. His fluent Korean skills were such that he did not need an interpreter.

Originally from Morocco, Wikar first set foot on Korean soil at the age of 18, or at the age of 20 in Korean age. He was followed by his older sister, who had married a Korean brother-in-law who worked in the deep-sea fishing industry. And in 2012, he passed the naturalization test at once and decided to set foot in Korea. His older sister, who was originally a model, became famous first, appearing on airwaves with her gorgeous beauty.

Wikar is on a different path than her sister. Under the guidance of professional PBA 2nd Tour player Myung-soo Ham, who runs a billiard room in Busan, he chose the path of his professional player. 온라인바카라

Wikar emphasized, “I learned from Pro Ham and walked the path of a player, and I really want to say thank you through an interview.”

He continued, “I didn’t originally think to be a billiard player, I just wanted to do it as a hobby.” He wasn’t much different from what all players think when they first get their cue. I just wanted to learn to play billiards because I liked playing ball. His beginnings were in pocketball, which he started at the age of 15 at a billiard room where he followed his biological brother.

It was during the time when he was involved in the Busan Billiards Federation that he decided to become a player in earnest. The splendid appearance of the same champion from Busan caught fire in Wikar’s heart. Choi Seong-won (Busan City Sports Association), who participated in the World 3-Cushion World Championships held in Jamsil, Seoul in 2014, defeated Tobjorn Bromdal (Sweden), the “four kings,” 40-37.

Wikar, who is looking for ‘my own style’, confessed, “The most difficult thing is to practice strokes over and over again.” He said, “I am constantly asking and learning from Frederic Kudron and other players. For four years, I have been using only wrist snaps for strokes, but recently I am using my elbows to hit the ball, and the ball comes out more cleanly.”

After switching to the LPBA, I asked if there was a game that was the most memorable. Wikar looked up his game on his mobile phone and showed it to the reporter, as if he had quite a bit of regret (?) left.

It was a round of 32 match played as a team with Minju Baek (Crown Haetae), Minah Kim (NH Nonghyup Card), and Slong Piabi (Blue One Resort) in the survival of the ‘TS Shampoo Championship 2021’ held last season. If you look at it now, there is no such thing as a ‘group of death’.

Wikar, who was solidifying his second place in the group by scoring 4 consecutive points at the time, said, “At the end, Minju Baek drove a bank shot and eventually fell by 1 point. During the federation, I was in 3rd place, but the LPBA level is really high.” could not hide Currently, the best performance recorded by Wikhar in the LPBA is the round of 32 that went up at this time.

He is especially close with Slong Piabi, who is walking a similar path as a foreign player, and Amal Nazari, an LPBA player and wife of Kudron, who is also from Morocco.

Wikar said, “I am receiving a lot of help from PBA players such as Kudron, Piabi, and Kang Dong-gung.” In addition, he praised Kang Min-goo (Blue One Resort), who became the Welbang Championship champion this season, saying, “The manners of playing billiards are so good and he plays well.” He said that he is diligently learning strokes from Birol Wimaz (Welcome Savings Bank) and Kudron.

Wikar’s desire to constantly challenge the top is desperate. “When someone becomes the PBA champion, I become immersed and shed tears together,” he said with a smile. “Becoming the LPBA champion,

Meanwhile, the PBA, which ended its regular season tour with the ‘Crown Haitai PBA-LPBA Championship’ on the 8th, will continue its schedule with the Team League postseason from the 17th.

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