‘Mark’ Hong Chang-hyeon, who won his first win of the season “The ceremony will be in the next game”

Team Liquid’s ‘Mark’ Hong Chang-hyun, who succeeded in winning one, promised the victory ceremony next.

Team Liquid defeated Immortals Progressive at the 2023 League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) held at the Riot Games Arena in California on the 3rd (Korean time) and succeeded in winning their first win of the season. Hong Chang-hyun played Sejuani and helped the team win their first win of the season. 스포츠토토

Team Liquid is a team that was considered a favorite for the championship before the start of the season. Starting with coach Gyeong-Hwan Jang of “Marine” and Ui-Jin “Rainover” Kim, the roster was formed with 3 Korean players and 2 Korean players. Contrary to the evaluation that communication would not be a problem, in the first week, he showed a lethargic figure and recorded 2 losses and was sluggish.

Hong Chang-hyun, who was interviewed after the game, talked about team harmony as the cause of the sluggishness in the first week. He said, “In the first week, the sum of our team didn’t match well.”

Hong Chang-hyun, who has been active on the Korean LCK stage since his debut, is experiencing a different regional league for the first time this season. For the first time in his new environment as a professional gamer, he showed no problems adapting.

Hong Chang-hyun said, “In terms of life, it’s a little more free environment than Korea.” Yet “

At the end of the interview, Hong Chang-hyun was asked to dance. Expectations were high as he had held celebrations after victories in many games, but Hong Chang-hyun promised the next. He ended the interview with a smile, saying, “If I win the next game, I will show off the ceremony.”

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