Masters ‘runner-up’ Koepka “The previous group played too late”

Brooks Koepka (USA), who stayed runner-up in the Masters, criticized the players in the previous group for their belated play. 메이저사이트

According to foreign media such as the British media mirror on the 10th (local time), Koepka said after the final round that the speed of the players in the previous group was too slow, which affected his performance.

Koepka said, “It was too slow. Jon Lam (Spain) went to the bathroom 7 times in the 4th round alone. I had to wait and wait again.”

In the group right in front of Koepka and Ram, Patrick Cantley (USA) and Victor Hovlan (Norway) played.

Among them, Cantlay is famous for being a slow player.

Cantlay finished the tournament in a tie for 14th with a 3-over par 75 that day.

Koepka has been angered by procrastination in the past.

They openly criticized Bryson DeChambeau (USA) for his belated play, and they became enemies.

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