May ERA 7.71 Creaky KIA Firefighter… Will a 2nd year lefty be an alternative

스포츠토토 “I still have to go with Jung Hae-young”.

KIA Tigers manager Kim Jong-guk sent unwavering trust to firefighter Jung Hae-young, who has been sluggish this month.

Jung Hae-young, who is regarded as the league’s leading finisher, recording 30 saves for the first time in two consecutive years for the Tigers, made one save on the mound four times this month, but showed an unstable appearance by recording an ERA of 7.71.

On the 17th, against Samsung in Daegu, he started as the 5th pitcher in the 9th inning, leading 7-3, and creaked with 2 hits, 1 walk and 3 runs (2 earned) in ⅓ innings. KIA beat Samsung 7-6, but the aftertaste was not clear.

Coach Kim Jong-guk said after the Daegu-Samsung game was canceled in the rain on the 18th, “Yesterday the speed wasn’t very good. He decided that it would be difficult to deal with Ja-wook Koo and Min-ho Kang in a stagnant atmosphere after allowing Pirella a timely hit. So he replaced Choi Ji-min, and he calmly blocked it well.”

He continued, “There is no definite alternative. The pace of Jeon Sang-hyun and Jang Hyun-shik, who have experience in finishing, is also not good. Still, I have to go with Jung Hae-young.”

Regarding the finishing use of left-hander Choi Ji-min, the most reliable card in Pilseungjo, “No matter how good Choi Ji-min is, the finish is different. He must have the guts and endure the pressure. Jung Hae-young has to do it from behind,” he emphasized.

Choi Ji-min expressed his wish, “I want to become a starting pitcher someday.” In response, coach Kim Jong-guk hoped to focus on the current situation, saying, “If you play your role well in the bullpen now, you will have an opportunity later.”

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