Min-jae Kim Man City-Newcastle can intercept, “Quickly confirm the recruitment!” Manchester United media outlets

While there is talk that the ‘monster’ Kim Min-jae (27, Naples) is likely to go to Manchester United, there is also a prospect that a ‘hijacking’ (intercepting in the middle) attempt may come out.

The British media’Man United News’ reported on the 18th (Korean time), “It is certain that Manchester United has been the front runner in the competition to recruit Kim Min-jae, but Man City also did not give up the race.”

Previously, the story of Kim Min-jae’s transfer to Manchester United flowed through the Italian media. On the 16th, British media The Sun quoted a report from Il Martino of Italy, saying, “Man Utd is about to sign Kim Min-jae. With only the final details left, Kim Min-jae has decided to join Man Utd.” 안전놀이터

Napoli and Kim Min-jae are contracted until June 2025. However, it is possible to recruit Kim Min-jae without the consent of Naples, if he pays a buyout estimated at 43 million pounds (about 72 billion won) to 52 million pounds (about 87 billion won) for two weeks from July 1 of this year. United are expected to pay this amount without issue.

However, Kim Min-jae’s side denied this to Star News, saying, “The transfer to Manchester United is not true. In the case of the English Premier League, whether or not to advance to the European Champions League or the final ranking has not been decided. There is no need to move now.” In a situation where Man Utah has not been confirmed, several teams are preparing to intercept Kim Min-jae in the middle.

In such a situation, several teams are not missing the string of recruiting Kim Min-jae. According to Court Offside, a British media outlet, Newcastle, which has emerged as the richest club in the EPL after the acquisition of Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, sent a scout to see Kim Min-jae. As of the 18th, Newcastle, which is in 3rd place in the league (66 points), is competing with Manchester United (4th) and Liverpool (5th) to advance to the UEFA Champions League.

Here, Man City, the number one player in the EPL, is also working hard to bring Kim Min-jae. Manchester United News claimed, “Man City’s chances of winning next season will increase if they add Kim Min-jae to their squad.”

At the same time, the media insisted that Manchester United should confirm the recruitment of Kim Min-jae as soon as possible. The media said, “Man Utd should not let their best rival (Man City) take a talented player (Kim Min-jae),” and “(until the buyout period) there is a lot of time left, but Man U should not take Kim Min-jae for granted.” said.

In the end, the team ranking is expected to be an important situation. At the point of the end of the league, Man City is in first place, and the Champions League advance is confirmed. On the other hand, Newcastle and Manchester United, who have 66 points side by side, can go down to 5th at any time, with a difference of 1 point from 5th place Liverpool. Kim Min-jae also has a high probability of choosing a team to advance to the Champions League, so this must be confirmed.

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