NFL legend Tom Brady, if you chose MLB… “He might have been the best catcher ever.”

Quarterback Tom Brady (45) of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League (NFL) announced his retirement on the 2nd. He is considered one of the greatest NFL players of all time (GOAT). If he played baseball instead of football, what kind of player would he be?

USA Today, a national newspaper in the United States, reported on this day that he would have become a ‘greatest catcher’ by borrowing the mouths of experts who were interested in ‘baseball player’ Brady when he was a high school student.

Kevin Malone, who served as general manager for the Montreal Expos and Los Angeles Dodgers in the American Professional Baseball (MLB), was confident of Brady in an interview with The Bleacher Report, “He could have become one of the best catchers of all time.” If there was one stumbling block, Malone said, “his first love was football.”

Still, Marlon did not give up. In the 1995 MLB Draft, Malone, who was playing for the Montreal club at the time, was a right-handed left-handed catcher graduating from Junipero Serra High School in San Mateo County, California, and was selected 507th overall.

However, Brady went to the University of Michigan to continue playing his football.

At that time, what would have happened if Brady had signed with Montreal. Could he have dominated baseball as well as football?

When Brady was in high school, he played three sports: football, baseball, and basketball.
According to a 1995 article in the “San Francisco Examiner”, Brady performed well from the left side of the plate and batted fifth despite making the “difficult transition” from first base to catcher in his senior year of high school.

At the time, manager Pete Jensen said in an interview with the media, “He struggled really early in the season. (Due to the difficulties of changing defensive positions), he produced no hits. For a while, his batting average was less than .200. But he’s really back to where he was.”

According to MLB, Brady played for the school baseball team for two years and hit 0.311 with eight homers. He’s good enough to get noticed.

Brady was actually named by a big league club. As mentioned earlier, the now-defunct Montreal club drafted Brady in the 18th round in the 1995 draft.

John Hughes, a former Montreal scout, revealed that he offered an amount from the bottom of the second round to the top of the third round to lure Brady to the ballpark. That I saw as a pretty promising person.

Hughes told Sports Illustrated in 2017, “If we were going to give him that amount, it means we thought he was going to be a big leaguer in the future.”

Hughes saw that Brady could make it in the MLB.

“He was a very athletic young man. He’s tall, big, and has a face fit for the major leagues. That’s right, he said, we’ve seen faces,” Marlon told Bleacher Report. “He was athletic and had a strong body, but he had room for improvement. One of the first things he looks at as a scout is his body, including his body type and athletic ability. He might sound a little weird, but he also sees what kind of face he has,” he explained.

Hughes said Brady had “all the intangibles” of being a professional baseball player. “He had the ability to throw and was a left-handed power hitter. There was no reason to think this guy wouldn’t be a big league catcher.”

Brady chose football over baseball. Entering the Hall of Fame is a separate prize. He seems happy with his decision.

Brady shared a memorable baseball card (issued when he was drafted by Montreal) on Facebook in 2016. In the post accompanying the photo, he said, “I was lucky to be selected by the Expos in the 1995 MLB Draft,” and “But… I am so happy to continue playing football,” he did not hide his love for football. 카지노

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