‘Nihonmyo Rebellion’ Mori frustrated at threshold of first PBA title “I thought I was going to win, so I was very nervous”

“I felt like I was going to win. That’s why I was so nervous.”

Yusuke MORI (JPN) laughed after narrowly missing out on the title.

The unheralded Mori, whose round of 32 had previously been his best finish on the PBA Tour, had made it to the final in his fourth tour this season. He was on the verge of victory against “Spanish powerhouse” David Martinez (Crown Hae Taek) for the title, but his inexperience showed and he made a number of unforced errors in the deciding set, eventually falling 3-4 (15-8 3-15 8-15 15-9 15-9 0-11) in a close full-set match. In the final set in particular, she was overwhelmed by the four-time champion’s experience and momentum, failing to win a single point. 온라인카지노

“I was so nervous because I thought I was going to win at the end. It’s too bad, too much of a waste. I wanted to win so badly that I didn’t play well,” she smiled.

He joined the PBA Tour as a priority registration player for the 2021-2022 season, and his best result so far is a round of 32. This season, he fell in the round of 128 in both the first and second tours, and only made the round of 64 in the third tour. He turned things around in Tour 4 with a 180-degree turnaround, and although he didn’t win, it was a stepping stone to a career-best runner-up finish.

“I was lucky to make it to the final, I worked hard in the previous tournaments, but this time I was in good form and I think I got lucky,” Mori said humbly. “There were moments when I wanted to give up (because I wasn’t performing well), but I wanted to keep going for the people who supported me. I think reaching the final gave me a lot of confidence. My life in billiards is from now on. I will try harder,” he said.

On being alone in Korea, he said, “I don’t feel uncomfortable because everyone is friendly, and Korea is one of the strongest countries in the world. I want to improve my skills, so I’m working hard.”

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