“No real experts—doctor’s opinion over innings limit” Managing prospects, including Hanwha’s Moon Dong-joo, goes personalized

Hanwha will personalize the management of its up-and-coming pitchers, including next-generation ace Moon Dong-ju (20). Instead of simply limiting the number of pitches and innings based on age, Hanwha plans to manage each pitcher differently based on the doctor’s opinion.

When asked about Moon Dong-ju’s future plans ahead of the game against Suwon KT on Aug. 8, Hanwha manager Choi Won-ho said, “First of all, I’m going to the Asian Games (AG). After the AG, he will be examined at the hospital. Based on the medical findings, we will decide if Moon will pitch after the AG.”

Initially, Hanwha’s plan for Moon was for him to pitch between 120 and 130 innings, including the AG. Moon had pitched 98.1 innings until the Gwangju KIA game on June 6. Assuming he pitches around 10 innings in the AG, that would give him around five games before he is called up to the national team on September 20.

When asked about the initial innings limit, Choi said, “We’ve been talking about this with the club. In fact, it was in 2002 that a medical journal published in the United States introduced the number of games, pitches, and rest intervals for each age group.” “But even if the players are the same age, their bodies are different and their baseball histories are different. “But even if they are the same age, their bodies are different and they have different histories of playing baseball.

“At the end of the day, only a doctor can give an opinion on a player’s physical condition. I don’t think there are any real developmental experts who can judge young players other than doctors. Even trainers can’t give an accurate opinion without an objective examination. That’s why we decided to keep getting checkups and get a doctor’s opinion. We have checkups every three months, and if the next checkup comes back and the doctor says, ‘If you throw more, it could be dangerous,’ we will stop.”

Moon is not the only young pitcher in the system. Choi emphasized that pitcher development in the future will be customized rather than locked into a system.

“We keep testing, so we have data on elbow condition, shoulder condition at different times. I think it’s right to manage pitchers based on this data and doctors’ opinions. I think even a young player, if he’s in a bad condition, he can be injured after 50 innings instead of 100 innings. I think the doctor’s opinion is more important than the innings limit, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to let him throw 200 innings like we used to. We will use the medical opinion that is clearly convincing to a third party as the standard.” 스포츠토토

Meanwhile, Hanwha called up rookie Kim Seo-hyun, who is scheduled to start on April 10, to the first team. The team hasn’t added him to the roster yet and plans to add him to the first team in time for his start date.

The lineup is Jung Eun-won (second base), Kim Tae-yeon (right field), Noh Si-hwan (third base), Chae Eun-sung (designated hitter), Moon Hyun-bin (center field), Kim In-hwan (first base), Nick Williams (left field), Park Sang-un (catcher), and Lee Do-yoon (shortstop). The starting pitcher is Ricardo Sanchez.

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